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TR Saucier Nov 2012
So much on my mind
What will happen?
Hopes of it going in my favor
Fear runs through my body
Marijuana in the system
Treated like a murderer
They prescribe **** to children
Why are they not in jail?
Head pounding
Cant sleep
I dont want to go there
To the place where I have nothing
No freedom
No health
No friends
You cant make friends there
Some say they have
I must not get it
I cant go there
Spent a night there once
Started boxing a wall out of boredom
My life would be hell
Maybe thats where they should send me
I cant imagine day upon day in a cell
Thats where they might send me
A cell
You dont have to read me my rights?
******* commonwealths
I truly did nothing wrong
But still, im treated like a murderer
I smoke a little grass
So what?
My tail lights out?
Sorry officer, I didnt know
My headlights insufficient?
I can see in front of me
On-comers can see me
I need insurance?
Thanks for telling me when I filed an accident report months before
They treat me like a murderer
I did nothing wrong
Wheres the **** makers?
The crack dealers?
The abusive husbands?
Still out there
Harming others
I did nothing wrong
Especially compared to them
Dont ruin a young mans life over these petty things
Hope is lacking these days
The system just wants the money
Id rather wipe my *** with a hundred
Flush it
And never see it again
Than to pay for your ******* charges
So, let me be
Set me free
Cuz judge,
I truly did nothing wrong
TR Saucier Nov 2012
He is after us
We cant get away
We think we do
But he shows back up
He gets hit by a car
Gets up
Chasing us
He wants us dead
We want him dead
Cold steel enters my skin
Nice try
Not deep enough
I steal the knife
Living autopsy
I cut right down his sternum
****** fluids hit my face
Stomach acid
We run away
He gets up
Who is this man?
What does he want?
I am not dying today
She is not dying today
Another man shows up
Help has arrived
He pours water in my hair
Splash it on them
"The power of christ compells you"
He is weakened
Living autopsy yet again
I pour the water in him
He has been defeated
She is safe
I am alive
All are happy
I wake up
*It was all a dream
TR Saucier Nov 2012
My heart
Will be yours
The day i can hold you
Thats what i tell myself
I fear it will be before
I love that it may be before
You are so perfect
You are so sweet
You are so...
My feelings i can not fight
You are so amazing
I never know what to expect from you
Every day a new thing learned
As it should be
So many messages between us
So many more to come
The smile upon my face
As i see it is you messaging
Knowing you smile when you see its me
Could this be?
Can this be?
One day we will know
One day
TR Saucier Nov 2012
The distance so far
I just met you
These feelings for you
I just met you
I cant fight them
I just met you
But, i like you.
TR Saucier Nov 2012
1, 2, 3, 4
1, 2, 3, 4
Everything is in beat
Animate or inanimate
It goes to a rhythm
Left, right, left
Left, right, left
We march to the beat
Sometimes that of a different drum
But it remains the same
1, 2, 3, 4
1, 2, 3, 4
TR Saucier Nov 2012
Walking around town
Feet achin'
Breath seen by all who may still be awake
The sun has taken its slumber
But he shall not
For he is cursed to walk the night
Unable to sleep
Unable to dream
Doomed eternally
For he is The Insomniac
Slumber eludes him
The night is his time
His time to shine
To be the sun in the night
For he is The Insomniac
TR Saucier Nov 2012
Hello poetry
Hello poets
Words come together
Forming beautiful lines
Often do we find ourselves bottling it up
Let it flow
From the heart
To the mind
Then taking a left to the fingertips
Hello poets
Hello poetry
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