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TonyC Sep 2014
Maybe you go insane
when you've taken too much
too many insults, knock backs,
let downs
Maybe there's a big  button
in your brain
that says emergency emergency
going gaga
TonyC Sep 2014
I hate them, they’re  everywhere
    with their painted on smiles
             Behind your back,
they probably stab and despise
knowing how to stir up  hate and lies
Apparently they make good bosses
but if you know one,  avoid, cut your losses
They have no conscience or empathy,
their emotions are pantomimed not real
Remember, they don’t have to make
                    a bloodbath
         to be a psychopath
TonyC Sep 2014
I've got the bare necessities
the simple bare necessities
Forgotten about my worries and my wife
I've got the bare necessities
the simple bare necessities
just strolling and swinging along with ease
enjoying the gentle sea breeze
I've got the bare necessities
the simple bare necessities
I know that life can be a tease
and sometimes brings you to your knees
but you know
just have faith and keep going
and see those troubles flee
and enjoy the naked truth
You can pull through
cos you've got the bare necessities
the bare necessities of life
I love the original song and video from Jungle Book , my nudist beach take on it
  Sep 2014 TonyC
Once I lived deep in a forest
My bleeding heart turned to stone
I disappeared out in the shadows
A hollow tree I called home

I know what it is to be a hobo
Train to train, same house twice
I know how it feels to beg and borrow
To share my roll with scratchy mice

Once I even tried to phone home
But the number slipped my weary mind
And when I finally did remember
It all seem such a waste of time

Do you know what it's like to be a hobo?
Nobody knows you when you're down
Memories haunt you like a cold wind
I was lost but now I'm found

Now I live upon a mountain
High above the raging sea
Timeless, old but not forgotten
This hobo nature inside of me...
Song lyrics.
I need a vocalist to accompany my guitar.
TonyC Sep 2014
That dullard Percival Crane
he's boring into my brain
he's talking train
timetables and grain
sizes and portfolios
and shares
**** he's assaulting my ears
Next time  when I spy his magnified eyes
I'll say, see you Percy, my how time flies
TonyC Sep 2014
At the corner, a girl child from the UK
another soft drink she chugged
Whilst the girl woman in the Sudan,
the heavy *** on head she lugged
She walked eight miles, braving ****,
to fetch unclean water from the well
Whilst in the UK, the girl bought designer clothes
to make her feel just swell

God where are the waters of life?
To end their strife

At the mall, the boy child ate his third Hershey bar
In Malawi the boy man’s
stomach had extended too far
Malnutrition had sealed his fate

God where is the cereal?
To make their lives non-ephemeral

Down under, the son celebrated with family,
presents and cake
his father’s 100th milestone
Whilst in war torn Syria, a son, now orphan
buried his young murdered father,
in ground without a gravestone

God when will the fighting cease?
To give them a chance of peace

Is this God’s confusion?
That though we are all made the same,
some people their innocence shattered
are headed for a terrifying fate
whilst others fully satiated and secure,
sip their drinks, polish off and request another plate
Or does God if he exists
not love the weak and oppressed?
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