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TL Capers Jul 2018
lastly, Poet with a camera is my name
I think different,
From a space between the mind and the brain
Sa-me twins but thus, Gemini’s are not the same
A him and I are the her in you,
all one on different planes
as time shifted the shift consistent with the gifted, I was lifted,
raised from the dead level, craftmenship a wordsmith and, .....
I sailed on,
To the east, i found the light,
a gong,
of the knowledge in which I was bound, though hit in the head I was sound,
I found myself surrounded,
by the fire,
hail storms from the war torn,
as I’ve withstanded the canon in which man falls, the truth
It’s the Sight of the Victims of the relentless, the stench of the trenches,
see to you, the peace in ignorance causes blissfulness
but my veil was far removed,
perceptions of the perceiving proceeding theirs, though my skies are no longer blue.
It behooves,
therefore language was not the construct it’s the con. In you
The power of the double edged sword we swing,
the tongue, twisted,
minds flipped and
realities painted,  by those who tainted, thus doused the soul,
just rewind time.
Confused, split in two
no longer fused con’d out of the whole,
man walks in spite, In spite of,
the bright, light, might I,
with migeht of,
many men,
sit in the trenches of the sea,
she shall protect me,
through the ripple, of primordial amorphous waters, the daughters of man.
It’s the evolution of the revolution (3x’s), the cycle in which we span,
which exist in the groove
Though I appear still, I move. I said, though I appear, still I move...........

Art is the only event witnessed that pushes a culture forward through time within progress.
TL Capers Jul 2018
where one splits into two
A decision based on divisions, turning dividends into multitudes
Where the mind screws become unloose
Where you free yourself and become anew
Where you cut the ties of your noose
Where you decide to win and not loose
A visual
As time spins the mind bends curving around a corner
Though a circular pattern that contains all matter in
A release brings things into order
Here’s where your gift lies, within the heart
It’s your intention which draws attention use this light in the dark
Call the people with your voice
TL Capers Jul 2018
A vision , the sea of mind
Division, splits in time
Collisions, who am I
The mission, seek divine
Omissions, excluding I
But, The one in many
The you in universe
Interlude the chapter
Humble beginnings that end in laughter
The only confusing part is the thought In which ego lives
Destroy to rebuild, rise from the ashes like the Phoenix did
Stay silent when your cry is like that of thunder
Be carful not to awake those in lustful slumber
Like the midst the night, provide those asleep with comfort
As they awaken and bare witness to this inception
Shine, as you are the light in the dark that leads direction
The yawns moans groans and grunts are symptoms of the state
TL Capers Jul 2018
This is a hope less for more

For wanting more than we have of plenty brings hopelessness......

A war inside distracts those from their well of plenty, cups runneth over

The older we get the younger the crowd is,winnings, turned over.

With no hands to clasp the winners cup, our victory, spilled over

Losses due to the madness from within men, as time bends

Any given angle that we take is in supplement, perceived wrong by the acts of those who are the unfortunate.  

For no chief causes mischief, the leader within

To conduct life appropriately in turmoil is to be as a leaf in the wind...... free, your, warrior

Then, again, be-gin?.....

The gain was lost when you started.

Lost in the game as soon as you bought it

Then, again, be

As you were born with the all, now given more, the, fall, Of ,man, For once he soared

In the conceptual nature of math, the subtraction of thought multiplies the emotions of loss, with no actual winner, prizes divided across. Fractional Added pain reciprocated.., ahhhhhh

I hope less for more....... The Cups of Plenty

~ Poet with a camera

When you want more than a sip, you tip, a lean forward
Bent not a flip. You had more kings and queens reduced to crip, drained now blooded. Stained now shut in. Eyes closed in a world flooded. Only rescued by the ark of your covenant.... with self.
TL Capers Jul 2018
It’s in the system that takes rights and hands out privileges.

Where you question self, are you even a human being?

Is it mans right to bomb villages, or was it a privilege to dethrone a king.

Is it a right to domesticate those born free? That which is me, my soul, my life, my entire humanity?

Placed in a cage in which I can not see.

What’s a reflection if I can’t recognize me?

If my eyes are taken out and replaced with what you see

Will I still be me?

Or is that a privilege?

If my tongue is cut from base and replaced with what you taste will I then I have the right to taste what’s free?

Or will it cost me my soul?

Is it the rule of thumb measured by the hand in which sways the pen that says this is the end?

Mightier than the sword at the throats of its enemies that swipes his rights to live or even be a friend of me?

That power....... ink is blood.
TL Capers Oct 2017
As the star that illuminated the minds of this world.

From the beginning of time it was I, but now have fallen into this obnubilated swirl

Of confusion, ignorance, a mental contusion.

The question lies, why I , my, people, suffer? Thoughts never concluded.

To loose, the conclusion cons illusions conquered by the cons cure conjured by those who con jurors to confuse those who were part of the con titled "fusion"

A cons game in which we partake in everyday. We play, we pay, unaware of the fact that our very souls are at stake. This is the world that you make.

When hear lies here,the there and now. Presently present wrapped pleasantly a gift given. Consciousness.

Hijacked like the planes that hit twin pillars shined bright with fire gave birth to death in a new form. Enter the void.
TL Capers Aug 2016

For yesterday was not promised
For today is
For tomorrow is not promised
For today you live
For A stipend of time
For what a promise is to give
For an allusion is the conclusion of what a promise is

Today I love
Yesterday doesn't matter
Today my mind is free
Tomorrow is mindless chatter
Today I will be
Breaking free of the future shackles
Today I am me
Yesterday's present future battles

Every lie must bow to truth; That is a promise
Tomorrow will come to you; That isn't promised
This day belongs to you; There is a promise
That forever is one day not two; To Be promised
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