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I am the King of Misery
Crown me with sorrow
Or lose yourself
While gazing at my skies
Pierced with stars that shine so bright
Painted with the stories of my demise
For so long I've mastered
The art of masking my insanity
Chain me down
To this throne of infatuation
For it's frail frame
And surrounding puddles of ink
Trap me in my restless soul
My heart is filled
With the shards of our memories
My world can't spin for a moment
Without you infesting my head
My chest burns
And my stomach hurts
When I hear your name...
When I see your smile...
You've imprisoned my heart in yours
So my eyes will see no other
Take this love...
Take this crown...
And stay as my Queen of Misery
Here comes my great fall
It stands before me
In the blackened form of myself
I wasted my days
Chasing your shadow
When mine was waiting
To stab my back
What the **** have I become?
Im lost...Im broken
I'm so far from home
I've cut myself
On your porcelain remains
Condemned myself
To a sick love I can't escape
Shackles wrap around what was once
My open mind of reason
Please just burn this twisted portrait
Free my soul, darling!
Your silence haunts me to this day
And the taste of your lips
Still poisons my tongue
I burned your name into my throat
And wrote stories on my skin
For how you made me feel
And the rush within
Oh you stupid girl
Look at how you're killing me
Oh you stupid girl
Choke out this twisted love
Just take the keys
Leave me on my knees
And drive into nowhere
To find comfort in the trees
Then dig my grave in the ground
Cause oh you stupid girl
You keep my world spinning 'round
Breathe with me, sing with me
Your sight has sunk into my eyes
And your lips of sweet disease
Have left me choking on demise
So give me one last taste
And then cut the ties
There's no more time for last goodbyes
Caress the pages
Of our romance spilled on paper,
Like you never want to lose it,
Like we'll wake in the same bed
Til the day we never wake up
Please promise me, you'll never leave me to wonder,
Like it was all puppets play,
Like an insidious walk to end in blame
If you dance around me, I'll know what it means
So take my hands, I'll show you what I've seen
When we meet to a gaze
I never cease to crave
The ecstasy of your touch
And loving you beyond the limits of the grave
For death is not the limit,
It is only our human minds
Atrophying bodies
And pity covered spirits
That lead us from everlasting harmony
I can't tell if you're living,
Unless my hand is on my chest
Because you, and only you,
Have a piece of me everywhere you go,
To and fro,
I want you to know,
When you're feeling low,
I'm here forever, no need for woe
Written for Leah and only her. But anyone who can relate to this please send me your work. I'm a killer for hopeless romantic things or sad poems

— The End —