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Timothy Clarke Jan 2011
He needs not a compass, newfangle
Gets so lost he needs an untangle
When he sails on her seas
He just goes with the breeze
Lost in the Bermuda Triangle
Timothy Clarke Dec 2010
After careful contemplation, the Zen Master knew the best placement for the last stone in his rock garden.

After lifting the heavy stone and walking to the point he noticed
a small turtle standing on the exact spot.

And so the Master waited patiently.

... As did the turtle.

Finally his student came into the garden to inquire of the Master
Why he had been holding such a large stone for over an hour.

"Master, are you thinking of a new place to put your stone?"

"No, I already know where the stone will go"


"Where this turtle now stands"

"Master, will you crush the turtle?"

"Please don't be an idiot"

"But Master, the turtle does not want to move"

"It is such a beautiful spot"

"Master, what will you do?"

"Isn't it clear what should be done? I am going to put this stone down close to where it should go, move the turtle, and then correct the stone later"

"But Master, why have you not done that?"

"I am contemplating the best placement for the turtle"
When we make a decision that is best for us, it will involve other people and may force unwanted changes to their lives.

It does not have to be a choice between inaction and disregard.
Timothy Clarke Dec 2010
I know my 14 year old boy is not yet fully a man,
But movie theaters and theme parks consider him an adult.
And he is fine with that.

But the other day, I took him to a museum
And they charged less for children up to 17 years old
And he smiled and said to me...

"Look Dad, I have been Youth-anized!"


The next day we went to a movie together
And, of course, I had to pay full price...
And I smiled and said to him...

"I guess now you have been Adulterated"
Timothy Clarke Dec 2010
Her body sleeps beside me
The gentle nape of her neck
The graceful turn of her ear
The beauty of her eye lids.

Her body sleeps beside me
Moon-lit Ansel Adams landscapes
Gently rolling hills and valleys
Covered with comforters.

Her body sleeps beside me
And as she lightly breathes
Her perfume breath fills my lungs
And invites me to leave my body also.

As I hold her naked form in mine
The cold stays away for one more night
And my heart fills with the deepest of content
We no longer dream of what might have been.
Timothy Clarke Dec 2010
What do you do when the test is through and so are you?
When you have given your all and have time to stall?

You pray to your God, only he'll help you now.

You pray that all those stray bits of knowledge,
     will somehow spin to into gold.
You pray you will get a few extra points,
     for the B S you've told...

Yes, pray to your God, only he'll help you now.
Blowing dust off of another old silly poem from '86
Timothy Clarke Dec 2010
The hard thing about being me,
Is putting up with my insanity.

The hard thing about being you,
Is putting up with being a shoe.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
Dusted off this old silly poem from 1986.  I wrote it while cramming for final exams.
Timothy Clarke Dec 2010
Eleven gutted stockings on the floor by the fireplace,
(Mine, yours, my 4, your 4, and the boyfriend)

Scraps of wrapping paper and bows.

Left over roast beef, cornbread, rolls, cupcakes and pie.
(Is the pie "left over" if we didn't even slice it?)

Piles of loved toys soon to be played with.

What a wonderful Christmas it was, the best I have ever had...

What a gift you are to me.
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