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Eddie Matikiti Jun 2019
Forgiveness is the secret to all those long and successful relationships we hear about. We might always offend and annoy each other, have nasty and unnecessary fights. Our egos may come in the way. We could even say a lot of careless things that hurt to the core. But if we can own up to our mistakes, apologize sincerely, forgive each other and move forward, then we have a great recipe for a relationship that will last forever.
Eddie Matikiti Jan 2019
As brutal as a desert drought!
Baren lands, hungry crops and starving mouths.
31 days seems like 62.
A neverending nightmare.
It is a marauding scavenger.
Devouring all that cross its path.

It starts off good with a lot of hope.
Before reality dawns and the struggle begins.
Each new day we limp forward.
Eddie Matikiti Mar 2018
Death is a necessary friend we all must embrace.
It will come suddenly like a robber in the night.
No one is immune to it.
Do not forget this!
Eddie Matikiti Feb 2018
I wish our love story was epic. I wish it would compel us to be better for each other. I wish it would be a timeless masterpiece that never fades away.

I wish we could transcend and make our love unconditional. I wish we had more understanding, patience and tolerance.

I wish we understood how fragile love is and sought to nurture and protect ours.
I wish our love story was epic and amazing.
Eddie Matikiti Jan 2018
What to do in hard times?
Where does help come from?
How do miracles happen?

Though he seems silent
He shall consolidate my weeping and my prayer
He shall answer swiftly and act
In a day all my troubles shall dissipate

Prayer is no stuff for feeble people
It is the language of the heavens for men
Connects earth with the power of God
It attracts the ear of the loving father

Do not cry in vain
Do not suffer in vain
Do not want in vain

What can a man do
To conquer impossibility
To alter the course of a hard life
But to leave it all to God in prayer

Pray it all into the hands of a loving God
He is the one who helps
Eddie Matikiti Jan 2018
I am learning to be content
In all my lot
Whether I have plenty or little
Through rough patches, hills and valleys

It is not about what I have
It is about who I am
I am content
My perspective has renewed

Seasons & times take their turn
Though it rains, through the dry spells
Storms, hurricanes and winters
The sun shall rise again

Things may work out or not
Yet I remain unruffled
I face my days with blind optimism
Contentment being my guiding force

I'll be as steady as a rock
Eagerly awaiting morning-time
I'll be grateful for each new day
My radiance will outlast it all
Eddie Matikiti Jan 2018
I've had enough of this
I'm tired of this now
I don't deserve this nonsense
Go hang yourself!

You're not my business
You're a pathetic excuse for a man
You're a selfish ungrateful pig
You're a selfish, shallow, ungrateful human being

I regret the day I ever met you
You deserve all the misery and loneliness
You don't deserve any respect or diplomacy
I don't care about you
Just go rot in hell!
Good luck being single!
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