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The midnight stars connect to form the angles of your face
And I see it so vividly and with such certainty that I cannot look away
I've begun to pray for clouded nights
nights when the sky is black and no light can break through
but the shine of your constellation always breaks through
the sparkle of which torments me
Upon the grass I sit, toes digging in the earth
Breathing in the sweetness of spring
Breathing in the purity of nature
Breathing until my lungs feel full
Breathing until my body feels revived
I become a tree rooted, anchored by each breathe
Mother Earth enters my system and I gain knowledge of all things
The evening led us into a beer store
I searched the crafts
Appreciating the small brews
Their creativity and quality
I spent time obsessing over label designs
engrossed myself in flavor descriptions
I searched for a beer to match the mood of the day
Searched for something dark and sultry
Searched for something sweet with hints of caramel
Searched for something that would titillate my tongue  
Searched for something I would enjoy tasting on your lips
We left the store holding six packs in one hand, the other hands intertwined
Hair perfectly teased into a beehive
thin black line making my eyes catlike
red lips
a sheath dress that clings to my curves for dear life,
I walk down the stairs,
you gasp at how beautiful I look
cross the room
grab my waist
lean in for a kiss,
I turn away and walk out the door

That's how I wish things would have ended between us,
Instead of me loosing my breath at the site of you
trying to find ways to make you adore me
only to come  up short
When I think of our love to date
All that we've done together
these are the moments that stand out

New Year's Eve
We woke up early and went to a diner
then spent the afternoon going for a drive
sitting in your car
no music playing, little conversation
enjoying the snow covered scenery
you stopped to buy mice for your snake
and I stopped to chat with the parrots

A January snow day
We spent all morning and afternoon in bed
watching the snow from your window
you took me furniture shopping
we wandered through the store
debating shape and color
learning about leathers
afterwards you took me to the mall
showed me a small shop that sold art
we finished off the day by cooking together
and ettouffee I shall never forget

lying in my bed in February
listening to folk music and your heart beating
a nervous rush pulsing through my veins
I told you I wanted to tell you something
that I was scared
and that I loved you

driving home from a beach vacation
your dog snuggled on my lap
fields of corn dancing as we drove by
daydreaming of our future together
my heart hoping that you wrote me into your plans

May I write a million moments on notebook paper
May our love last forever
May we grow old together
They are both my questions and my hopes
This will be a poem
This will be a poem because I say it is
Because I say it is
This will be a poem
I want our lives to run in parallel
Both of us shooting off in the same direction
Extending ourselves towards happiness and bliss
We'll be joined by millions headed in the same way
Yes I want our lives to both be blessed
I just don't want our paths to ever intersect
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