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My feet are familiar with these circles,
And my chest reads vacancy once again.
Because It's empty space where my heart had been.
And I feel the pieces falling into the abyss that is me,
Your eyes don't let me breath...
Waiting was the game we played,
Breaking was the point It made...
If fixing it is really true,
I wont give up on loving you.
The quintessence of a battlefield,
forms the vascular pieces within me.
an incubus bringing de ja vu.
nightmares that are nothing of you.
Old evil left me with lacerations,
but the dressing often slips away.
and I'm clutching onto my trepidation.
building walls in my mind to coerce satan.
I try to remember when you reach out your hand,
you differ from evil, past or present.
Love has taken hold of me...
A grasp that I cannot refuse.
Left cold to sleep under leafless trees...
Bare and broken as me...
Search for my heart or for my mind...
All I find is more minutes, more time...
Clocks ticking in my chest...
This block steals the pencil from my hand...
But I have so much to say...
The lines of paper staring blank...
My brain is duct taped shut.
Time's numbers changed...
They take you away...
Holding onto memories...
They don't seem to fade.
My heart still submerged,
And I'm drowning in you....
Around me, wrapped in an aura
Of blue...
A state calls your name...
Your grasp slipping away...
Leaving me broken, so much to say...
You're taking my heart
Tell me how will I breath ?
When you break vital organs...
And then turn to leave?
Never the same you can lay it to rest
A void in my chest....
Black lagoon brain pools,
Drown me in our retrograde...
Long and tactful tentacles ...
To catch my anatomical....
Retracting my soul from your memory tubes.
Painting our moments in shades of black.
Disappearing phantom laughs...
And lucid nightmares follow me to sleep.
Ghostly appendages wrapping me tight.
Ensnared by his tragical hold,
Farewell snap shots are never enough.
Goodnight static dream tracer.
Your everywhere is no where now.
Shut my lids, an empty canvas.
Decorated delicately with shades of you.
Depicting precious memories,
Of tangled hands, and bluest eyes.

Music melding slow and soft,
your voice wrapped in every note.
And in spirit your arms embracing me,
Manifesting within this patient soul.

Sleeping sound under a caring moon,
The existence of us in unending dreams,
Pulling kisses from our pockets,
Waiting in our minds, for love's reality.
It takes a heart that's sewn into a sleeve,
to conquer the battle of impatience.
Selfless in hope for the a smile of a love.
with too many words to blanket this Earth.

and it takes a spirit that is entirely free,
to derail itself from tracks of worry.
and end up on the path where trust is a friend
.where hope is the rain pouring down.

It takes a soul who has been crushed to its core,
to build walls around love of appreciation.
when the minute hand ticks to tell you "give in"
But you can't let negativity win.

but mostly it takes a heart full of fire,
to be willing to love as hard as it can,
when in only a second, it can shatter at hand...
loving true, is to free your mind and let your heart escape.
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