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Aug 2021 · 156
Energy of you
Tia White Aug 2021
I was only sitting
beside you but…
I felt you all around
The warm heat, blood rushing,
flushing cheeks
Heart song, growing louder
with every thought
Your energy swimming
through mine,
mixing, flowing, growing
with intensity, thick
like a warm blanket
Yet light, like a dandelion  
gently floating
on a warm, soft breeze
And still it lingers
Long after you
Jul 2016 · 1.5k
The Library
Tia White Jul 2016
A dusty shelf made of wood
That reaches way up high
Lined with every kind of book
Collected as years went by
Stories written to entertain
To swell the beating heart
To inspire the complacent
To create a change
Or make a fresh new start
Magical stories of fantasy fiction
Biographies and poetic prose
Classic tales by Charles Dickens
Filling up all of the rows
But one sits on a cluttered desk
About the mysteries of Heaven
Set apart from the rest
Opened to page seven
Jul 2016 · 6.6k
A Time Long Gone
Tia White Jul 2016
I look for you
In passing faces
A stranger's glance
In haunted places

I feel you among
Nature's grandest setting
It is you that I remember
Even when I'm forgetting

I see you wherever I go
In everyone I meet
Your words echo in conversations
That pass me on the street

Your soft, easy way
That safe familiar tone
That always takes me back
To a time long gone
Jun 2016 · 1.1k
Still Waters
Tia White Jun 2016
Still waters hold
The secrets of sin
Truths eagerly waiting
For a rush from within
To finally break through
To the surface again
Vessels of time
Ones that have been
Watching for love
To once more begin
Knowing one day
The hatred will end
Jun 2016 · 644
Early Morning
Tia White Jun 2016
Early morning meditation
Surrounded by the surreal
Before the birth of color
Coats the shades of gray
Landscape bereft of chroma
And time is, momentarily,
An irrelevant measurement
When in the stilled silence
Mind and body synchronize
To quietly kindle the soul
Jun 2016 · 1.2k
Beauty in the Dark
Tia White Jun 2016
I never knew I was filled with a light
Until the darkness became my home
A dawning day in the black of night
Where pain and regret and fear call home

But I made a choice to react with love
Not following the path the darkness led
A gift that is given from up above
Creating new life where once was death

Because there is freedom in the fall
When your fears are realized
Creating love from the chaos of it all
The choice was mine to decide

Light of day and dark of night
Together they both play a part
In my heart, there’s a shining light
Illuminating beauty in the dark
Jun 2016 · 774
Write You a Song
Tia White Jun 2016

You're the music
To my song
You're the chorus
That moves the verses along

You're the rhythm, the beat
Got me tapping my feet
My melody

And I may never get
To right all my wrongs
But at least I got
To write you a song

You're the sweet words
In each line that I write
The inspiration
That brings it all to life

Every night when I pray
I thank God for each day
You're here with me

And I may never get
To write all my wrongs
But at least I got
To write you a song
Jun 2016 · 659
Tell me
Tia White Jun 2016
When I just can't seem
To get anything right
When the world won't slow down
Long enough to hold you tight
The only comfort I can find
That works every time
Is when I close my eyes
Leaving the world behind
And you're on my mind

I want to be the reason you dream
Or that you can't fall asleep
Because you're thinking about
What you can't live without
Or how love's supposed to be
So tell me what do you see
Before you go to sleep
When you're all alone
And the world is gone
Are you dreaming of me?
Jun 2016 · 1.0k
My Sky
Tia White Jun 2016
The clouds take their form
Against a comfortable sky
The calm without the storm
As the breath of Heaven blows by
A gentle wind caresses my skin
With a soft, slow breeze
Embracing the peace,
From without and within,
My soul is now at ease
Apr 2016 · 376
Discovering You
Tia White Apr 2016
Like ink set on paper
Your words have left a mark
A rapidly growing flame
Lit by a wayward spark

With my hands and my lips
I long to wander your skin
But I taste you with my eyes
And learn the flavor of your sin

With each turn of the page
Uncovering something new
I will take my time tonight
In discovering you
Apr 2016 · 333
Tia White Apr 2016
Maybe I am writing his story,
or a part of his history.
A scribe of a life revealed to me,
or of things that are meant to be.

Images of places I've never gone,
to the waking eye goes unseen.
Faces of people I've never known,
haunting me in my dreams.
Apr 2016 · 565
To My Children
Tia White Apr 2016
To my children, I write some advice
To help get you through hard times
When burdened with worry or strife
Seek God and peace you will find

The strength of His power is stronger
Than any weakness you'll ever face
And the depth of His love is greater
Than those that feel the need to hate

If ever you find yourself all alone
With no one to stand by your side
He will be there if you seek Him
To wipe the tears you have cried
Mar 2016 · 353
I Thank Him
Tia White Mar 2016
My faith will not be shaken.
The path I follow has straightened.
Because of Him all my fears are taken.
By His mercy and grace I am awakened.
His praise I will sing throughout all creation.
Feb 2016 · 319
Used To Be Home
Tia White Feb 2016
Sometimes I feel like I'm not good enough,
never was and never will be.
And at one time everyone I loved
chose to turn their backs to me.
Walking with nowhere to go,
on my arm all that I own,
each step taking me farther
from what used to be home.
She just up and ran off
is the story that was told.
But God knows how it happened
and the truth will eventually unfold.
Almost two years went by,
time I can never reclaim,
memories created while I was paying
for the mistakes that I had made.
But there never was a minute
that I wanted to be gone,
I never chose to be by myself
in this world all alone.
What else will she do?
She's at the mercy of the world.
She once was full of promise,
now just a sad little girl.
So they decided I could come back,
To make right all of my wrongs,
But I’ve turned into a stranger
in what used to be home.
Feb 2016 · 370
All Or Nothing
Tia White Feb 2016
These feelings that I have
I no longer wish to hide,
and with this being said,
it's time for you to decide.

Now is the time for you
to settle the final score.
This game that we play
is not much fun anymore.

Tell me exactly what you want.
You have kept me so confused.
Should I just give up already?
What would you have me do?

But take all of me or take nothing.
Part-time love is not what I want.
I will try to make this very clear.
You either want me or you don't.

All that I really want from you
is to be given just one chance.
A chance to show you the beauty
of a truely passionate romance.
Jan 2016 · 327
Inspire Me
Tia White Jan 2016
Inspire me.
Make me want great things.
Inspire me.
Make me want to change.

Teach me.
Help my mind to grow.
Teach me.
Help my colors show.

Lift me.
Take me to newer heights.
Lift me.
Take my soul to flight.
Jan 2016 · 636
A Joyful Noise
Tia White Jan 2016
My story is being retold
as if the past has found its grave.
Now I use my words to describe
the feelings I want to convey.
So many things that I never could see,
All the dreams time had stolen away,
finally now have returned back to me,
And with me is where they shall stay.
From a nightmare you have rescued me
Restoring beauty back into my life
Giving new truth to all of the things
I had convinced myself were just lies.
Angels rejoiced when our paths combined.
It can only be defined as spiritual.
A natural essence of a power divine,
What many consider a miracle.
With a symphony led by the Maestro of Heaven,
the soundtrack of my life is found.
You fill my heart with a sweet joyful noise
where once there was no sound.
Jan 2016 · 317
Tia White Jan 2016
You're my shot of whiskey
slowly setting me on fire.
Burning all the way down
and fueling my desire.  

You course right through me
like pulsating electricity.
A powerful surging current
and I can't break free.

As my body temperature rises,
heating me to my core,
the sweet buzz I get from you
keeps me wanting more.

Like fireworks exploding,
raining down on me,
stinging when it hits my skin,
but it is pure ecstasy.
Jan 2016 · 447
Tia White Jan 2016
Asphalt as dark as ****,
blacktop baking in the sun.
Eighteen wheelers rolling out,
big rigs headed on long runs.

Long stretches of highway,
from coast to coast they reach. 
Across flatlands and over hills,
from mountains to the beach.

Any direction you choose to go,
will lead you to somewhere.
Maybe not the way you planned,
but eventually you'll get there.
Jan 2016 · 303
Tia White Jan 2016
Let me be the one
The one that you seek
You are lost and searching
But it is here, within your reach
Your eyes burn right through me
Hunting something you can't see
Always going round in circles
Being led back to me
But my attempts to show you
have been in vain
It's been in front of you
from the start
Yet somehow,
in the shadows I remain,
Hidden and obscure,
Invisible to your heart
Jan 2016 · 480
Touch Me Softly
Tia White Jan 2016
Touch me softly
I will let you look inside
Do it slowly
And I'll show you what I hide

Take all of me
But do it lovingly
Make me want you
And I'll give you what you need

Love me passionately
With desire, set me aflame
But do it gently
And I'll do you the same
Jan 2016 · 265
Hidden in Her Tears
Tia White Jan 2016
Warm salty tears,
falling slowly from her eyes.
The mask that she wears,
keeps her in disguise.

The hurt shows through,  
written clearly on her face.
With each tear she cries,
the mask is washed away.

The pain that she's known,
grows stronger over time,
it comes out when she's alone,
in little wet crooked lines.

And when the mask is gone,
all of her doubts and fears,
the things she hasn't shown,
are hidden in her tears.
Jan 2016 · 469
Alone With My Thoughts
Tia White Jan 2016
These thoughts I have
in my head tonight,  
I can't really explain,  
so I sit and I write.

What I need is a way  
to unclutter my head,
to somehow figure out
what I'm feeling instead.

The shadows of time  
have to started to show,
telling me something
I already know.

With a smile on my face,
I try so hard to hide,  
that I'm just not happy
with no one by my side.

They say to stop looking,
to let it come to me,  
but it's hard to believe
these things will ever be.

And still here I sit,  
so full of dismay,  
alone with my thoughts
at the end of the day.
Jan 2016 · 736
These Days
Tia White Jan 2016
Time flies by these days so fast.
You better make sure the moments last.
Enjoy the little things in life while you can.
Like the laughter of a child or the love a friend.
Take the time to enjoy what is given to you.
Things like sunsets, rainbows, and skies of blue.
You never know when they can be taken away.
Because time flies by so fast these days.
Jan 2016 · 444
Painful Reminder
Tia White Jan 2016
These walls around my heart
were built a long time ago.
Promises you made from the start
persuaded me to let my love grow.

You brought me out of my comfort zone.
I chose to let you in.
Yet it felt like being led away from home,
never to return again.

Once more I played the fool.
All too well do I know the part.
A painful reminder of what not to do
as these walls grow higher around my heart.
Jan 2016 · 254
Matters of the Heart
Tia White Jan 2016
The heart of a woman can be wonderful and wild.
And then there are some that are shy, meek and mild.
There are no two that are ever the same.
And over time they can always change. 

When life deals a difficult hand,
sometimes it can be hard to understand.
It can alter our minds, affect who we are,
and in our hearts leave a permanent scar.

For when a heart is broken
and the wound is left open,
It can often grow back twisted,
mangled, crooked, or sadly even wicked.

Matters of the heart are delicate indeed.
And really all it is, is someone in need.
In need of affection, tender loving care.
Or simply someone to just be there.
Jan 2016 · 389
Beautiful Soul
Tia White Jan 2016
I have found something,
within your gaze, 
that more than moves me
in so many ways.

Something behind
those crystal eyes,
eyes more glorious
than the bluest skies.
I want to learn
all that I can,
not just to know 
but to understand.

What caused you pain, 
who gave you scars,
everything that makes you
the man that you are.
Like a child discovering
something new,
is the way that I feel 
when I am with you.

This journey inside
your beautiful soul,
is taking me captive
as your story unfolds.
Jan 2016 · 248
To Have a Friend
Tia White Jan 2016
To have a friend is to have it all.
Someone to catch you when you fall.
Someone with whom your thoughts to share,
and secrets, once told, will stay right there.
Someone with whom no judgement is passed.
Someone with whom no stones are cast.  
Laughter and tears are the things which bind,
creating a bond that will last through time.
And though time or distance may get in the way,
a true friendship will last, come what may.
Jan 2016 · 607
The Ability to Laugh
Tia White Jan 2016
Did I really just say that aloud?
Is a thought I often have
when in front of a crowd.
Words that will fall from my mouth,
sound much better before coming out.  
The following effect is what I most dread,
which is when my face turns ten shades of red.  
Times like that, I'm so glad I have,
at myself, the ability to laugh.
Jan 2016 · 365
Tia White Jan 2016
The taste of a peach
is heaven in your mouth.
But only if it's a peach
grown in the south.
You have to be sure
that it is ready to be savored.
For a moist, ripened peach
will always have more flavor.
Use your hands to gently feel
if it's soft and a little firm,
so that when you get to taste it,
the juice will start to run.
With your fingers you can tell
when it feels just right,
and it also lets you know
it's ok to take a bite.
When you put it to your lips,
like velvet it will feel,
but when it's opened up,
the sweetness is revealed.
Jan 2016 · 318
A Wasted Man
Tia White Jan 2016
He came from a place
of ruin and despair.
Where defeat and anguish
were his burdens to bear.

A prisoner of sorrow,
a master of pain.
His own personal hell,
his kingdom to reign.

No joy in his heart
was there to be known,
And on this road to destiny,
he trudged alone.

But there once was a time
when his life had reason and rhyme.
He had purpose and meaning,
there was a reason for being.

Yet all of those things
he let slip through his hands.
By his own selfish destruction,
he is now a wasted man.
Jan 2016 · 363
Love (Haiku)
Tia White Jan 2016
Love must endure a
frigid season of passage.
The sunlight does fade.
Jan 2016 · 612
Southern Summer
Tia White Jan 2016
Another southern summer has finally begun.
Beads of sweat glisten like pearls in the sun.
Days so hot and heavy with heat.
The wind that blows brings no relief.
I know of a place that is nice and cool.
But it's not an ocean or even a pool.
It's a river the shade of whiskey where the water flows.
Where time stands still and a cool breeze blows.
The riverbank sand is the color of gold,
and to my eyes it is a sight to behold.
When the sun goes down and day turns to night,
the fireflies come out to dance in the moonlight.
Frogs and crickets sing in perfect harmony,
a southern summer song, a sweet melody.
Jan 2016 · 299
The Night Sky
Tia White Jan 2016
There is something magical to me,
about the sky at night.
An amazing beauty is the landscape,
when it's bathed in the moonlight.
Stars that shine far away,
like gold dust in the sky.
A canopy of diamonds
covering the earth,
sparkling way up high.
A glorious gift from our Creator,
to be blessed with such a sight.
And I thank Him for it before I lay down,
every single night.
Jan 2016 · 316
Saturday Night Racing
Tia White Jan 2016
Your motor is roaring
and your adrenaline is soaring.

You watch with your eyes
for the green flag to fly.

Your blood starts pumping
and your heart is thumping.

Your foot's on the gas,
turning left and driving fast.

Red clay and clouds of dust
roll through the air and man what a rush!

Here it comes you're taking the lead,
going for a pass and picking up speed.

Now just like that, the white flag is throwed,
meaning there is only one lap to go.

This is your chance, it's your time to shine,
you take the checkered flag as you cross the finish line!

You're on top of the world now, waited all week for this.
It's Saturday night racing, something you don't want to miss!
Jan 2016 · 211
Tia White Jan 2016
A powerful word so simply said.  
The word still echoing in my head.

Never again to come back home.
From this place I leave alone.

We lay you to rest in the ground.
On this earth you are no longer bound.

From pain and suffering you will be.
To dwell in Heaven for eternity.
Jan 2016 · 318
Tia White Jan 2016
On a rusty old tin roof
the rain comes falling down.
Bringing along with it, proof,
as it quickly wets the ground.

Washing away the footprints
of your very last goodbye,
but my mind still holds the imprints
of times shared between you and I.

The sky mimics my emotions,
with every drop of pouring rain,
as if my heart were cracked open,
overflowing with sadness and pain.
Jan 2016 · 235
Would You?
Tia White Jan 2016
Love me until I come,
completely, come undone?
Take me down into the depths
of your soulful tenderness?
Tear down all of my walls?
Into you, would you let me fall?
Reach past what keeps me guarded?
Guide me out of the land of the broken hearted?
Accompany me to where the sun is shining?
To my dark cloud, be a silver lining?
Do this for me and I promise that I'd
keep you forever satisfied.
Jan 2016 · 293
Child of Mine
Tia White Jan 2016
With tiny little hands,
she touches my face.
The outline of my features,
her fingertips gently trace.

A blessing in my life,
this sweet little girl.
With dimples in her smile,
and a head full of curls.

In her step there is a skip,
everwhere she goes.
And within her hazel eyes,
a light that is aglow.  

This sweet child of mine
shows me the meaning of true love.
The purest form of love
that I could ever dream of.
Jan 2016 · 291
No Goodbye
Tia White Jan 2016
You made your choice, you decided to walk away.
From your own flesh and blood, you chose not to stay.  
No calls, no thought, no word from you did we hear.
Without an explanation, you made your message very clear.
Your very own creations, you turned your back to them.
And to them you now are nothing,
because they don't remember when.
You would not even know if you saw them on the street.
Nor would they know you, if again you were to meet.
For them my heart does ache, as I'm left to wonder why.
How do I explain to them why you never said goodbye.
Jan 2016 · 797
Choose Your Words Wisely
Tia White Jan 2016
Choose your words wisely.
Realize the damage that can be done.
What you think you know so surely,
is not always true for everyone.

Just think before you speak,
because the impact can be great.
And know that for everyone you meet,
carries a piece of you away.
Tia White Jan 2016
Beneath the light of the moon
she will be waiting for him
two lovers with much to lose
committing the sweetest sin

Beneath the light of the moon
their bodies unite as one  
nurturing a love in bloom
not knowing what is to come

Beneath the light of the moon
a secret shared in the dark
the daylight will come too soon
and with it the hardest part

Beneath the light of the moon
their time has come to an end
they must bid each other adieu
'til that moon comes 'round again
Jan 2016 · 326
Tia White Jan 2016
Brilliant blue skies stretching  
for as far as the eyes can see.
Golden rays of the sun
shining down upon me.  
Water shimmering like mirrors,
reflections of years gone by.
Seagulls keeping watch,
gliding through the sky.
Beach combers searching
for treasures along the shore.
Lovers walking hand in hand
falling deeper than before.
And just like a wave
is pulled back out to sea,  
it's mystery draws me closer
with the force of gravity.
Jan 2016 · 597
Tia White Jan 2016
Do you really even know this person that is me?
Things that you do know are what I choose to let you see.
And are you so perfect to be in a position to judge?
Even to the point that you would want to hold a grudge?
I guess you've never done anything that you regret.
If not, just wait, your life isn't over yet.
It's hard for me to believe that wrong you've never done.
The only difference is that your mistakes aren't visible to everyone.
So go right ahead and believe everything you're told.
Ignore me, hurt me, and treat me cold.
But just remember this, as you're being so bold,
the way that you treat people will come back to you,
Jan 2016 · 284
Sing Me a Song
Tia White Jan 2016
The sound of her voice
is music to my ears.
The sweet sound of innocence,
I'll forever want to hear.

"Mama, just hold me,
and sing me a song."
So I serenade her softly
while she hums along.

I will hold on tightly
to moments like this,
and the memories created
I will genuinely cherish.

For I know that one day
I'll look back in my mind
and wish for a moment
I could go back in time.
Jan 2016 · 451
Love's Snare
Tia White Jan 2016
Love, like a spider web
Respected and feared
Interlaced layers of perspective
Created by our hearts
Beautifully covered
In the dew of daybreak
Sparkling, it reflects our emotions
As it shines in the dawn of the sun's light

When darkness sets in
After the last glow of twilight
It's beauty can't be seen
Blinded we foolishly miss what is there
Love spun from our souls
Becomes a tattered net full of holes
Tangled in a woven web of fear
We become the prey
Entrapped in love's snare

— The End —