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Feb 2016
Sometimes I feel like I'm not good enough,
never was and never will be.
And at one time everyone I loved
chose to turn their backs to me.
Walking with nowhere to go,
on my arm all that I own,
each step taking me farther
from what used to be home.
She just up and ran off
is the story that was told.
But God knows how it happened
and the truth will eventually unfold.
Almost two years went by,
time I can never reclaim,
memories created while I was paying
for the mistakes that I had made.
But there never was a minute
that I wanted to be gone,
I never chose to be by myself
in this world all alone.
What else will she do?
She's at the mercy of the world.
She once was full of promise,
now just a sad little girl.
So they decided I could come back,
To make right all of my wrongs,
But I’ve turned into a stranger
in what used to be home.
Tia White
Written by
Tia White  Georgia
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