Tia White Jun 2016

You're the music
To my song
You're the chorus
That moves the verses along

You're the rhythm, the beat
Got me tapping my feet
My melody

And I may never get
To right all my wrongs
But at least I got
To write you a song

You're the sweet words
In each line that I write
The inspiration
That brings it all to life

Every night when I pray
I thank *** for each day
You're here with me

And I may never get
To write all my wrongs
But at least I got
To write you a song
Tia White Jun 2016
When I just can't seem
To get anything right
When the world won't slow down
Long enough to hold you tight
The only comfort I can find
That works every time
Is when I close my eyes
Leaving the world behind
And you're on my mind

I want to be the reason you dream
Or that you can't fall asleep
Because you're thinking about
What you can't live without
Or how love's supposed to be
So tell me what do you see
Before you go to sleep
When you're all alone
And the world is gone
Are you dreaming of me?
Tia White Jun 2016
The clouds take their form
Against a comfortable sky
The calm without the storm
As the breath of Heaven blows by
A gentle wind caresses my skin
With a soft, slow breeze
Embracing the peace,
From without and within,
My soul is now at ease
Tia White Apr 2016
Like ink set on paper
Your words have left a mark
A rapidly growing flame
Lit by a wayward spark

With my hands and my lips
I long to wander your skin
But I taste you with my eyes
And learn the flavor of your sin

With each turn of the page
Uncovering something new
I will take my time tonight
In discovering you
Tia White Apr 2016
Maybe I am writing his story,
or a part of his history.
A scribe of a life revealed to me,
or of things that are meant to be.

Images of places I've never gone,
to the waking eye goes unseen.
Faces of people I've never known,
haunting me in my dreams.
Tia White Apr 2016
To my children, I write some advice
To help get you through hard times
When burdened with worry or strife
Seek *** and peace you will find

The strength of His power is stronger
Than any weakness you'll ever face
And the depth of His love is greater
Than those that feel the need to hate

If ever you find yourself all alone
With no one to stand by your side
He will be there if you seek Him
To wipe the tears you have cried
Tia White Mar 2016
My faith will not be shaken.
The path I follow has straightened.
Because of Him all my fears are taken.
By His mercy and grace I am awakened.
His praise I will sing throughout all creation.
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