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Tia White Mar 2016
My faith will not be shaken.
The path I follow has straightened.
Because of Him all my fears are taken.
By His mercy and grace I am awakened.
His praise I will sing throughout all creation.
Tia White Feb 2016
Sometimes I feel like I'm not good enough,
never was and never will be.
And at one time everyone I loved
chose to turn their backs to me.
Walking with nowhere to go,
on my arm all that I own,
each step taking me farther
from what used to be home.
She just up and ran off
is the story that was told.
But God knows how it happened
and the truth will eventually unfold.
Almost two years went by,
time I can never reclaim,
memories created while I was paying
for the mistakes that I had made.
But there never was a minute
that I wanted to be gone,
I never chose to be by myself
in this world all alone.
What else will she do?
She's at the mercy of the world.
She once was full of promise,
now just a sad little girl.
So they decided I could come back,
To make right all of my wrongs,
But I’ve turned into a stranger
in what used to be home.
Tia White Feb 2016
These feelings that I have
I no longer wish to hide,
and with this being said,
it's time for you to decide.

Now is the time for you
to settle the final score.
This game that we play
is not much fun anymore.

Tell me exactly what you want.
You have kept me so confused.
Should I just give up already?
What would you have me do?

But take all of me or take nothing.
Part-time love is not what I want.
I will try to make this very clear.
You either want me or you don't.

All that I really want from you
is to be given just one chance.
A chance to show you the beauty
of a truely passionate romance.
Tia White Jan 2016
Inspire me.
Make me want great things.
Inspire me.
Make me want to change.

Teach me.
Help my mind to grow.
Teach me.
Help my colors show.

Lift me.
Take me to newer heights.
Lift me.
Take my soul to flight.
Tia White Jan 2016
My story is being retold
as if the past has found its grave.
Now I use my words to describe
the feelings I want to convey.
So many things that I never could see,
All the dreams time had stolen away,
finally now have returned back to me,
And with me is where they shall stay.
From a nightmare you have rescued me
Restoring beauty back into my life
Giving new truth to all of the things
I had convinced myself were just lies.
Angels rejoiced when our paths combined.
It can only be defined as spiritual.
A natural essence of a power divine,
What many consider a miracle.
With a symphony led by the Maestro of Heaven,
the soundtrack of my life is found.
You fill my heart with a sweet joyful noise
where once there was no sound.
Tia White Jan 2016
You're my shot of whiskey
slowly setting me on fire.
Burning all the way down
and fueling my desire.  

You course right through me
like pulsating electricity.
A powerful surging current
and I can't break free.

As my body temperature rises,
heating me to my core,
the sweet buzz I get from you
keeps me wanting more.

Like fireworks exploding,
raining down on me,
stinging when it hits my skin,
but it is pure ecstasy.
Tia White Jan 2016
Asphalt as dark as ****,
blacktop baking in the sun.
Eighteen wheelers rolling out,
big rigs headed on long runs.

Long stretches of highway,
from coast to coast they reach. 
Across flatlands and over hills,
from mountains to the beach.

Any direction you choose to go,
will lead you to somewhere.
Maybe not the way you planned,
but eventually you'll get there.
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