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Nandha K Jul 2020
The magic trapped inside a cylinder,
A piece of paper entrapping nothing but a bit of nicotine and tobacco,
A piece of unholy medicine, a piece of crap,
That helps to rid of many trappings, that which helps to let go
Of the ****** oxygen trapped in the lungs,
the air inside circling over and over again,
all the sorrows of the heart ,the weight of guilt, the pain of loneliness,
the longing for companionship, the deep seeded wish to be truly free,
the duality of good and bad, the conflict to do or not to do,
the feeling of being trapped in someone else’s dream,
the angst to live, by what others want to be,
the falsehood of all that is around,
the desire to change the world, to create a change ,
to rid the world of all falsities it believes to be true,
the false friendships, the petty enmities
all the desires and sorrows, all the ambitions and goals,
the desire to live and achieve greatness,
the feeling to be remembered long after death,
All of these this and thats,
Went out with the puff of grey smoke that came out of the tip of a cigarette,
Finally the cigarette itself was non more,
Reduced to a pile of ashes with leaving nothing but an yellow stub,
As evidence of its existence.
Reminding that all that remains of us after we leave,
is nothing more than a pile of  bones and dust.
A horrible little thing that consumes itself,
Leaving nothing in its wake other than smoke and ashes.
Nandha K Jul 2020
The sea of faces,
None so real as the others,
Hiding behind these physical faces, are the real ones?
The most beautiful ones may yet be
A mask none the less.
We are masked monsters hiding
Under the empty smiles, hard angers,
Like a vacant soul I wander knowing not
With what to fill the deep crevase
That hails violently asking to be filled
Deep in me like a hungry hyena
That scours around looking for the dead
When many are alive around.
Nandha K Jul 2020
What is that I want?
What is it that I seek?
How do I fill the emptiness that always seems to lurk in my heart.
Haunting me day and night
Like an insatiable demon
I know not what its fodder is
I know not what to feed it with
That cold hearted demon that hides behind all the facade that wanders outside
The empty heart fills me with hate, cold anger,
Trying to make me into a being that feels nothing.
Ambitionless, filled with just desires for things
Cant there be a live wanting nothing seeking nothing
Just being.
Not planning for what lies far ahead
But living just for the here and now.
How nice would that be were it not possible.
Nandha K Jul 2020
Remember the times I have spoken ill of you,
the nights you spent crying bcoz of me.
Remember the times I have made you feel bad or seemed not to care,
Remember all the bad things I've done to you,
The days are turning black, nothing seems alive,
The world around me seems to be still,
Nothing moves around me, just darkness nothing more,
I feel I'm buried alive, paralysed in body alive in mind
The four walls around me my coffin,
Words of separation the coffin nail that seal my fate,
In the utter darkness surround with nothing visible but black,
I smile realising its ur favourite colour and
Carve your name on the coffin walls with my ****** fingernails.
Nandha K Jul 2020
Being in pain but born a guy he couldn’t even cry out in open,
Having no room for himself he hid in a dark corner
Putting a towel into his mouth and over his face
He cried but ensured not a single sound came,
He cried and cried in pain yet it didn’t go away
So he took to pain to make it go away
He began to starve himself so that hunger may make him numb
He then took to beating himself but even that didn’t make it go away
He then tried hurting himself but the pain didn’t stop
Finally at loss with no way before him he took a knife
Sliced through the vein and the pain did end but so did his life.
Nandha K Jul 2020
His most hated face stood there staring at him
With a smirk on his face that brought nothing but disgust
The man he hated, despised wished never existed,
The guy who should have never been born,
The one who doesn’t deserve anything,
One who caused him nothing but pain and suffering,    
With all the anger and hate he looked at the smirking face
And punched at the face, the mirror shattered,
Though blood dripped from his hands he smiled in success
Yet in the pieces of the mirror the same face smirked at him again.

— The End —