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Let me hug you.
Let me console you.
Let me take care of you.

"Are you in pain?"
"You know? We've meet in the right time, but at the wrong time," he said.

"Maybe I shouldn't try to be the guy who solves your problem." once again, he can't stop blame himself.

"No, you're not."

"Maybe it's too late, i'm sorry for everything that has been going..." I smile, wholeheartedly.

"...this time, I should let you go."

And then, there's a long silence between us.


"Are you ready?"

I looked at his pretty eyes, I can see his tears— it makes me wondering how lucky i am to have him, at the same time i'll let him go. He deserve his own happiness, he can't find his happiness with me.

"I am."
Inspired by Ready/Problem - Boy Pablo.
I've been asking myself;
When will I get better?
I wish she stays,
for a long long time.
His favorite food:

His favorite place:

His favorite band:

His favorite person:

His favorite things to do:

Leaving me without a word and then he will comeback— pretending he never leave me, exactly.
And at the end,
I decided to
walked away
from you.
It's already 2 months,
after you leave me.
You know what?

Nights are the hardest,
For me.
The moon makes me
longing for you.

But still,
I try my best
to letting you go.

It is the only way, you know?
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