june 6h
i do anything for you

the truth is

i cannot ignore you  

the truth is

im all out of games to play

the truth

is just a lie now
so which one is it gonna be
june Aug 7
if the saint is the sinner
then who is this angel on my shoulder
telling me to not look back

i have a headache from
the horns growing out of my head
but i look back
and you're there again

the sinner and the saint
a killer deal

they couldn't wait
they took me in
and sold my soul
to buy you

and i was left with a prayer
that one day I can be whole
but we both know that it doesn't work that way
am i making any sense?
june Aug 7
is it an act
or are you real?
you're a character
i wrote
yet i don't remember
writing myself in
june Aug 6
ok so i am actually literally really totally

going to make a film
june Aug 6
like actually truly make ! a film.

how do u do that


june Aug 6
big room
no one home
you want it
so go get it

big lights
all boast
talking loud
not moving tho

thats a no
buzz me in
june Aug 3
i dont care
biggest day ahead
not as big as my ambition
and your determination
and you fight
and you play
but whatever
we dont care
see my baby
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