june 2m
moving state to state
room to room
life to life

i wanna go back home
june Oct 6
writing in a public space but
hidden behind my screen

no one knows what im typing
and it feels exciting  


im doing something bad
in the back seat with you

but your far away now
and my screen is all i see now
june Oct 5
falling in loops and doing the same
is just as toxic as what you say

enough if ands or buts
im tired of all the foreplay
get straight to the hurt
and tell me what you regret most
if you can bare it
june Oct 5
am i the one who drove you off track
is that what i do

you paved the path ahead of you
put in the work
you learned what you had to

i came in and i took from you
is it me?

but maybe everything really isn't about me
who's to blame?
june Oct 4
crying and laying on my side
watching the city pass me by
i could be living my best life
instead ill stick to these lies
june Sep 25
you can tell when its real.
and you can tell when its fake.

maybe both are ok,
you just have to know what you're going for.
i can't tell what your going for.
june Sep 18
when I was younger i fell in a cactus
i had spikes up to my toes and in my ears
i covered myself in glue to get them all out

when im lonely i find myself doing the same
falling in loops
and waking up with your hand on my back

cut, copy & paste all over my body

why is this how it tastes
sometimes, I just really need a break
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