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june Oct 2018
the frosted glass becomes clear

and this is all you'll ever hear from me again
its time to go
june Oct 2018
i see you scrolling past me
and i see you talking about me
like you know who i am

like you know where ive been

like you see what i see

but you cant even take the picture, imagine the issue or realize the situation

what a waste of that perfect vision
june Oct 2018
the average becomes the normal and the normal becomes the fantasied. the everyday took to long to grab my attention and I was left on the side of the road. The side that was in the sun, it burned my skin to a crisp and I was only left with the ashes. The ashes that represented the normal, the everyday, the fantasy that I can never get back.

if you dare bring it back, thats unheard of. if you leave it as is your a traitor. something to be ashamed of, you better fix it.
june Oct 2018
"imma head over in like 10? Are u home yet?"

"lol thats how he sounded w me too"

"Okay when will you know officially?"

"And at first it was more like “first read reactions” but I wanna read it again and actually come more constructively"

"That is not mine"

"Okay nvm I’m at ya house and wanted to see if u wanted to walk!!"

"Hey guys just wanted to let you know that I’m at urgent care at the moment trying to see what’s up with my body I just wanted to give you guys a heads up that I might not be able to make it tomorrow"

"Can we post those photos yet?"

"let’s GO"

"i love it so much so far, like i feel like this fits me so much which i’m actually happy about"

"Perfect! Talk to you then"
on silent
june Oct 2018
the more you know

the less you feel

and the more you feel

the further you go back

into the light

but its so bright

and I burned this house down
june Oct 2018
moving state to state
room to room
life to life

i wanna go back home
june Oct 2018
writing in a public space but
hidden behind my screen

no one knows what im typing
and it feels exciting  


im doing something bad
in the back seat with you

but your far away now
and my screen is all i see now
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