june 1d
maybe its just not the right boy?
maybe i don't even know him?
he just gives me a feeling of someone i used to know
someone i used to love

but he's someone different?

what does it take to be close to someone again
shiloh has me fucked up
june 3d
do ya'll just like poetry or do ya'll just like

do ya'll just like money or do ya'll just like

do ya'll think about your fate or do ya'll just  

do ya'll want something from me or do ya'll just

do ya'll really know me or do ya'll just
want to know me
june 5d
one mantra
two deep breathes
three reminders  
four try agains
five gulps of water
six new pathways in your brain
seven is the lucky number
eight blessings
nine curses in return

ten picking yourself up again
june May 18
boy better make up his mind
im not trying to wait up all night

text me back
did you forget that I got what you lack

is this new or am i bored
you remind me of what i had before

im not gonna waste any time
i wont see you later because ill be in new york
june May 17
this one movie man
like i mean shit shes crazy

i love her and she loves me
every time i watch her i feel whole

is it weird to want to marry a movie
yes i am a film student
june May 17
we pass tall buildings
and large oceans
we fly over mountains
and look down at the tiny people

we go through a bigger door than we ever have before
and find that it really isn't as scary as we thought
cigarettes are all you can get
june May 15
you're pretty like them eyes
but i see right through your lies

your lipstick your dispose
i cant let you hypnotize

please just be nice
i can't be your rise

you get me way too high
and i forgot what thats like

swimming pools i can surround you
like i never left you
let you come back
only cause i let you

swimming around in the lies
i can feel their eyes
no shame  
no shame

only one to blame
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