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the good side Feb 2021
Dear friend,

You are full of insecurities you sometimes moderate your breathing when you're around other people.
You dance in the shower because you have two left dinosaur legs.
It takes you 2-3 months before you befriend a co-worker.
Never have I ever seen you start a conversation with a stranger.

Dear friend ,

You don't have to prove yourself to anyone
You don't need to pretend to be the brightest one in the room
You don't have to count the coins 5 or 6 times just to be sure
You don't have to always second guess your decisions in life

Calm the f* down!

Dear friend,

I am you.
the good side Feb 2021
Slowly we grew old
Slowly we forget the things we wanted
the relationships we valued
our manners also faded
and the dreams we planned to pursue.

Then suddenly "SLOW" doesn't seem so slow anymore.
the good side Feb 2021
There is someone else inside me
I knew it long before I know how to read
I'm afraid that the word won't accept me
Or even worst, I can't accept me.
the good side Dec 2020
It's been 103 days since you left
I'll never stop counting
Visit me in my deepest dreams
Make me feel something
the good side Nov 2020
I sometimes wish I was gone.
I sometimes wish I could hit restart and take a different road.
I don't  know who I want to be anymore.
I just wanna shut down and forever be in airplane mode.
the good side Sep 2020
The thought of not being here is a constant battle.
We are always pressured to think of the brighter side.
The toxic positivity everyone keeps shoving and stuffing us with.
It doesn't  work.
We keep coming back to the same fight.

Are we living?
Or are we just trying to be busy while waiting for our end?
the good side Sep 2020
The thing about 'not knowing' scares me
It's the deep end of the ocean,
the parallel universe no one can confirm,
feeling my feet off the ground.

Also being conscious of things scares me
the inevitable lost,
the never ending search for purpose,
knowing there is no pause.
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