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TheChosenOne Feb 2018
I was the fly in the trap, drawn towards a danger I did not recognize by a scent so sweet that it promised to take all of the bad things away.

I was the mouse in the cage, drawn towards a substance that claimed it would take my hunger and shelter me from the rain of life that was pouring down around me.

I was the innocent child taken advantage of by vile creatures that were spewn from hell. Spat upon and broken down until my fighting spirit was shredded, crushed, and ground into dust.

But my story didn’t end there. Like so many others who were in the pits of despair ready to trade one emptiness for another I was ready to let it all go. I yelled up to Heaven, “I can’t take this weight anymore! Please take it away, I’d rather be empty inside that filled with the garbage of defeat.”

But to my surprise Heaven answered with a whisper, “I will take your load my child. In fact My hand has been outstretched your entire life just waiting for you to grab it. I’ve seen your heartbreak and trials, and with each tear you cried, I’ve shed two. For while you were down there hurting, I was here hurting with you. So I’ll not just take this pain and weight away, I’ll take your bitterness and replace it with My love. I’ll take your pain, and fill you with My joy; your weakness, for My strength; your mourning, for My joy; and your worry, for My peace.”

Now I am no longer a boy disfigured by this world, my legs crippled in fear, my head dropped in shame, and my back broken from a burden to large for me to bear.

I have become a man whose head can be raised in confidence, my back strengthened and healed, my legs straight with purpose, and my heart filled with love.

And I thank Heaven above.
TheChosenOne Feb 2018
I thought I had retired from the life of rhymes
I fancied myself free of the call to write
Retired from the confessing of my own crimes
Free of chronicling the sinner’s plight

But then a funny thing happened to me today.
I ran into a friend that just changed my life.
She completely took my breath away
I can’t help but think she’d be the perfect wife

But no matter how this adventure will go
I wanted this poem to let everyone know
Even if I have to write to pick up the slack
Trust in this: The Chosen One is back.
TheChosenOne Nov 2017

Loyal, trustworthy, and always dependable
These words describe me, so why am I invisible?
You use me, I help you. You need me, I got you.
So why can’t you see me; I’m standing right in front of you?!
I’ve always had your back, and now you’ve stabbed mine; I won’t hold back, this crime is not fine!
I’m waiting for you to come to your senses, but until that day comes I’m no longer defenseless!
TheChosenOne Feb 2017
You stabbed a spear in my side,
You spit on my pride,
You whipped me as I cried,
And you laughed as I died.

Though hard I had tried,
To serve as your guide,
With my arms open wide
As you stole and you lied.

I knew you couldn't see,
That I wasn't the enemy,
That I wanted to set you free,
But you nailed me to a tree.

But really, it's you who is the slave,
And really for you, my life I gave,
And really it's you, I want to save,
That's why I rose from the grave.

So to those who feel alone,
Who feel like they have no back-bone
Who wish comfort to them be known,
Trust in me, and freedom you will own.
TheChosenOne Mar 2016
Rings from my cell phone shatter my sleep.
Recognizing the ring I answer speedily.
"Help me."
The words echo in my head as I grab my keys and race to my car.
"I'm coming," I whisper as I speed down the road, my heart racing.
I pull up to her house and race out of my car, grabbing the cloth I'd prepared ahead of time for such an emergency. Did I turn off the engine?
Who cares, that's not important right now. I enter the house through the side door that is always left open for me. I leap up the carpeted stairs, and enter into her room. She's shaking. Sobbing.
"I'm sorry," she says through tears that carry more emotion than a thousand songs.
Blood drips from her thigh. Another cut upon the dozens of scars which marked another night of anxiety, depression, or loneliness. This one is deeper. I gently wrap the cloth around her thigh, place the crimson-stained blade beside her in my pocket, and hold her. I let her cry. I gently sing. I tell her I love her. My large hands swallow her small, shaking hands. My arms encase her in a cocoon of safety and love. I continue singing softly until she falls asleep, and I stay there. I continue to hold her in my arms until she wakes again. I make sure that she's alright, have my sister visit with her for the day, and depart. I arrive home and place the pocketed blade in a special box. This box is filled with blades from nights identical to this. There are fourteen blades in the box. I lock up the box and place it in a drawer. That box reminds me of something every day. I have someone to live for. Someone to fight for. Someone to love. And that someone is her.
I know this might not be considered by some to be a poem, but I hope that someone is encouraged by this. And to the certain someone who is reading this and knows that this is about her: I love you. Don't ever forget that.
TheChosenOne Mar 2016
Daddy, its' me. Your first follower, and your biggest fan.
Daddy, it's me. The who looks at you for the definition of a man.
Daddy, it's me. Your son who wants nothing more than to be like you.
So much that I imitate all your actions, and I do them too.

I know that you know everything
So if it's okay for you to hit somebody,
I know that it's okay for me too.

If you brag about how you used to be a player
Then my goal is to find a girl and play with her.
And if you were a star in sports
Sign me up, I'll own the courts.

Daddy, it's me. I'll do what you do. I look to you.
Every time you open the door for Mommy,
Guess what you're teaching me to do.

Daddy, it's me. I'm watching you.
Whatever you are is what I'll try to be.
My heroes consist of Superman, Batman, but most of all you.
So just remember that the man you are, is the man I'll soon be.
#ToAllTheFathers #Leaders #LookingToYou
TheChosenOne Mar 2016
Ever wonder what a real man is like? Let me tell you.

A real man cares about what goes on in your head.
All the others just care about getting you to bed.
A real man gives you a special place in his heart.
Them other guys just want you to spread your legs apart.

A true man wants to ease all of your pain.
A "player" wants you for his own gain.
A real man isn't scared for you to see his tears.
Them other boys will never tell you their fears.

(Insert rant) A sign that you've found a real man is when you are both able to share your all of your worries, anxieties, and personal cares with each other; and can do so in faith that he's not only listening, but caring.

A real man is there through thick and thin.
Other guys just want your skin.
You can look a real man deep into his eyes,
And know that he's not hiding any lies.

**To all the men who read this poem, look at yourself and see if you fit this description. Do you think that your lady would say you follow these guidelines? If you're single, are you a man that ladies find trustworthy? I hope you are, and if you're not that you change that. We men need to represent.
#RealMen #RealTalk #PayAttentionLadies
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