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The Wanderer Apr 2021
Now is the time.
Everywhere is the place.
We are THE people.

This is the time for change, for growth, for advancement.

This is the time to learn a better understanding of each other –
Of our differences, our similarities, and our history.

Seeing an opposing point of view and actually trying to understand it.

To tolerate it.

To empathize with it.

To realize.

To realize that different views and different experiences shape different ideations and different aspirations.
To appreciate that various advantages or disadvantages are ever present, even if we don’t always see them or feel their deleterious effects on our daily lives.
To understand that opportunities and situations can be different.

And that’s OK.

The first step is acknowledging that difference.

Because once you take that first step…..

The Movement has begun.
The Wanderer Apr 2021
Such a strange time.

This dystopian, Freudian, Orwellian, Moore-Lloydian piece of history is like nothing that’s ever come before.
Well, nothing that’s ever come all at once before at least.
Sure there’s been revolutions, plagues, meteors, uprisings, and suppression in the past,
But not all at once.

Someone took all the strange sci-fi ****** mystery B movie thrillers and threw them into a faulty blender connected to a not up to code outlet, then set it on high, and laughed as the house burned down, taking the whole neighborhood with it.

Someone is reveling in the cinematic insanity that has overtaken the world while they’re speed dialing the 4 horseman and the locusts to come and finish the job.

Monuments are going down and tear gas stock is going up.
Some lives matter unless you think only your life matters in which case all lives matter….
Up is down, sickness is health, and for better is actually worse…..

It’s impossible to tell right from wrong unless Snopes is ringing the truth gong, but that’s fake news anyway so I might as well just eat my Chinese food and take solace that big brother is watching my back….

The good news is that GRR Martin hasn’t finished this book yet so there’s still hope for a happy ending…

You know.

The one where dragons come in and burn the city down to the earth….

At least afterwards we can all talk about how much better that ending would have been if we were in charge and that those guys are hacks! Fools! Crooks!

Oh well.

Whaddya do these strange times.
The Wanderer Apr 2021
Rally the rebels who are raring to ring in the resistance.

Envision those experientialists emancipating their enemies from existence.

Visionaries vehemently raise their voices to their assured victory.

Obliterating the obstinate opposition objectively and moving onward towards opportunity is their only ambition.

Listen as the laughter lights up the air like lanterns lurking over a lake before those luminaries leap into battle.

Unforbearing usurpers shall be unsettling the usually undisturbed and unaware.

Time tenaciously ticks towards the termination of the totalitarian troop that terrorizes the timid townspeople.

Immediate action is about to be initiated by the individuals who idealize the extraction of the ignorant and the implantation of the intelligent and the intrepid.

Oppression shall soon be obsolete and optimism will overtake the objected and the obliged.  

Now is the moment! Now is the time! Now!  VIVA LA REVOLUCION!
The Wanderer Feb 2017
So many wonderful opportunities for creating.
They pass by us everyday and in every way.
They take the form of strangers, animals, sounds, colors, and even ones own self.

All you need to do is open your eyes to the world and all of the wonderful possibilities that live within it.

Once you let yourself breathe in the warm air of creativity, you'll see that you never want to let it out.

You'll hold your breath.

Don't hold it for too long though.

You need to breathe to fully live.

So take a breath and create.
Once you do this you'll see that,
To create is to dream.
To dream is to see.
To see is to live.

So you see...
to create.....
yes to create, that's truly
The Wanderer Feb 2017
Whether to stay or whether to go, that is the true question.

Is it nobler to suffer through this mindless everyday living or to dream of a new life, in a new land?

If I had fortune perhaps the suffering would be more lavish and as such, more tolerable.

Alas, I do not have a vast fortune, or a small one for that matter, only troubles, heartache, oppressors, and woe.

No matter, I shall lose no sleep so that I may dream. Dream of a new life, in a new place, with new friends and new outcomes.

Not to rub old acquaintances the wrong way, but sometimes a new outcome is exactly what we need.

So off I go, to a new land.

To make new sins.
The Wanderer Mar 2016
A discussion needs to be had. Maybe not by me, maybe not by you, but it needs to be had.

We need to stop what we're doing and talk. Right now. Stop. Talk to your neighbor. Talk to your kids, your spouse, your parents, your friends, JUST TALK TO SOMEONE!!

I don't think it's too much to ask.

Too much judgement. Too much hate.

No more discussions, debates, disagreements, civil disobedience, or peaceful banter. Only hate.

Only hate.

Those who have nothing to say but outdated ideas and old beliefs are speaking the loudest.

Get up and talk with someone. Take a minute and breath. Then listen.

The Wanderer Jul 2015
Sitting in the dining car of a 1996 Amtrak rail car clamoring for the next available outlet.  

Across from me is a bohemian mistress who looks like she just wandered into the car from the 70's.

Out of place in this time and type of train. She sits silently reading a a favorite work from one the the greater unknown Inspirational-ist's.

An occasional giggle fills the air from a joke only she knows and understands. Disregard for the rules and regulations around her. Oblivious to the others in the car snacking on sandwiches and slurping up their pops.

I notice though. I sit and can't help but look at her. There's a wonder and awe about her persona. A pull towards her careless aura. It's intoxicating.  

We hit Kalamazoo and like a hiccup she's gone.

Out to dance towards her next spot. Wherever that may be.

Still I sit. Waiting for my charging to be done
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