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The Lord does not abandon!
The Father will not forsake!
Teach your children oh mothers and fathers!
Teach them of His great love!
Teach them to call on Him in times of trouble!
Teach them not to turn from Him in the struggle!
For of our own might we are powerless.
But You oh God are the origin of all.
Your dominion is all.
I will not turn my face from You.

Lord, the Enemy has come against Your servant.
He walls me in on every side.
My strength fails me, but You will be faithful.
My courage has left me, but Your goodness never departs.
All the armies of man cower before You.
Like sheep they run to the hills.
Send me Your legions oh God!
Let not the Evil One prevail.
You are good, You are mighty, You are God
My arms are weary with battle oh God.
Our enemy assaults me constantly.
Those I love share in my battle.
Strengthen my soul oh Lord!
Empower me against the evil one!
Give him no stronghold in my life!
Drive him from those around me!
On my own I am helpless, but You have made me a Conqueror.

My heart leaps with the joy You have given me!
My days are filled with laughter!
You are the origin of all good things, and I will praise You for Your goodness!
Though the world lie dark and shadowed, I take heart in Your love oh God.
Though trial and trouble persist against me, Your faithfulness will be my shield.
Lead my hands to worship oh Lord.
May my praise bring You gladness.
Lead my heart to worship oh God.
That my song may be suitable for Your courts.
Lead my soul to worship oh Lord.
May my sound be joyful and pure.
Lead my mind to worship oh God.
May it dwell on You, in Your peace.
Lord may the music of my hands, and the song of my lips rise to You in Your throne room.
Let them be not for mortal men, but for You, the Immortal God.
You are Peace, You are Love, You are Joy.
Lord, give me strength, as today I face many challenges and trials.
Lord steel my heart against our common enemy.
Lord fill me with Your spirit that I may be a blessing to those around me, as You have blessed me.

The Lord will be faithful in His own time.
For He knows at what time all things must end.
He is the architect of space, the origin of time.
Praise God, for His glory.
Praise Him in all His might.
I will sing a song of praise to my King.
I will worship Him all of my days.
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