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This I proclaim
In the name of The Lord
I am cleansed
I am loved
I am holy
I am worthy
I am redeemed
I am never alone
I am sacred
I will proclaim these truths
To the furthest reaches of the globe
In every village of every nation
I will proclaim the good news
His voice cannot be silenced
Let every man woman and child
Be His mouthpiece
Until the very end of the age!
Amen! Amen! And Amen!
Lord You are the immortal God.
There is no moment that You did not create in eternity.
Nothing takes You by surprise Oh Lord.
Your plan for me is good and for that I will worship You.
No evil can befall me that You do not see.
No shadow can hide the wicked from Your sight.

Lord I praise Your name.
You are Healer
You are Deliverance
You are Eternal
You are Power
You are Justice
You are Beauty
You are Love
You are Holiness
You are Majesty
You are Glory
You are Strength
You are Comforter
You are Defender
You are Good
You are All That Is And Was And Will Be

Will You turn from me Your face forever oh Lord?
Will You take from me Your favor?
My struggle consumes me
I am drawn into the grave
Lord will You not rescue me?
Will You not fly to my aid?
I am weary and broken down
My very being is detestable in my eyes
Lord, will You not comfort me?

Yet I know the Lord is faithful
He remembers His child in the dark
He saves His sons from peril
And His daughters from despair

Lord my soul cries for You!
My spirit screams and wails through the night!
My heart weeps for Your mercy!
My God! My God! My Savior!
Be  swift in Your deliverance!
Be merciful to this unfaithful servant!
You are just oh Lord
You have purchased my life with blood
And with it I am cleansed

Lord I call to You,
Deliver us from the enemy!
Fill us with Your presence,
So the Deceiver can find no purchase.

Lord the evil one assails Your child!
He comes against the ones I love!
He attacks them by the night!
Hasten to Your child's aid!
Stand guard over us!
Oh Lord fill me with Your joy,
Fill my soul with peace,
I need Your presence near to me Oh God.

You are good,
You are truth,
You are God.

Lord, You are near to Your servant.
You have emptied me, so that I may be filled with You, my Redeemer.
I am wholly surrendered to Your great name.
You have made me Your child through Your amazing love.
Because of Your mercy You have called me to be heir to Your throne.
Through Your grace You call me kin.
Give Him praise in the night, sing songs of joy in the daytime, for the Lord our God is faithful.
He will never fail.
Sing His name to the Earth!
Amen and Amen!
Lord! Hasten to me!
My Strength! Where have You gone?
In my hour of distress
I call to You.
In my moment of fear
I will invoke Your name.
Remember Your promises oh God!
Your word speaks of Your faithfulness!
In the darkness of my pain
You are near.
In the cold of my loneliness
You call me child.
You are near to the broken hearted.
To the weak in spirit You are well known.
Hasten to Your child oh God!
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