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The Darkness Nov 2014
Is he a momma's boy
or a daddy's boy?
The Darkness Nov 2014
Gonna be a trail of tears
for the ***** that cried wolf.
Gonna scalp his white  hair,
and chuck his body off the roof.
And when he hits the ground
his spirit guide will show up.
To say he wouldn't be dead
if is *** had shut up.
Old ******* die hard
but for him it'd be a mercy.
His only joy in life
is posting weak *** verse.
The burial ground
were I leave him won't be cursed.
How we did the Cherokee was bad,
but what's in store for him is worse.
The Darkness Nov 2014
Backtrailing IP's
I tracked you down through the fog.
Call up all my old dogs
gonna gut you like a hog.
Wrap you up in a rug,
dump the body in a bog.
And if you try to run,
get at my dogs.

Keep your friends close
cause I'm closing in.
Once I have you in my hands
then the fun begins.
Make a necklace from your teeth,
and kid gloves from your skin.
You can fight back if you like,
but you will never win.

Got a PHD in pain,
a lifetime of regrets.
A band of ugly brothers
who draw straws and place bets,
on who will be the first to catch you,
snare your *** in their nets.
You've opened up this can of hate
don't be suprised what you get.

It ain't *** whupping I'm planning
I assure you that its worse.
I solve problems with my hands
you seal your fate with your verse.
If your buddies back you up
they can join you in the hearse.
This train is rolling down the track
can't put this sucker in reverse.

I'm a terminal case
so I don't care if I'm caught.
Don't try to buy a reprieve
cause we can't be bought.
Gonna tighten the noose
till its nice and taught.
All your silly little words
were all for naught.

I haven't picked up the sword
in over ten years.
But, when I catch up with you
it won't be to drink some beers.
Bloods never tire of screams
that ****'s music to our ears.
May I introduce myself,
I'm the sum of your fears.
NYC Bloods cut up CowardsRunninInPackS
  Nov 2014 The Darkness
Frank Ruland
Hello, friend. Do you have a not-so-special someone knocking on your door? Is there a former shadow beckoning to rejoin your immediate vicinity? Have you just plainly been prompted by a profoundly persistent person to renegotiate the terms of your relationship, or lack thereof? Haha, yes. Ex's can be curious creatures indeed.
     But, just what to do? Should you reconcile your differences and peruse the possibilities of pursuing the romance once more? Do you slam the door in their face, call the local authorities and report an attempted ****** of the first degree? Or should you locate the nearest thirteen story building, jump from the roof and hope that your ex breaks the fall? Well, before you go and take a leap of faith, there are some very important questions you should ask yourself:

1) What was the relationship prior to this announcement like? Enjoyable? Questionable? Horrific enough to end it all by swallowing hot coals?

2) Is your ex certifiably insane, or would you personally recommend their detainment in a psychological ward for a duration no shorter than the remainder of their life?

3) Has your ex ever hurt you in a fashion only describable as discovering that there is indeed Hell on Earth, and they must by all good reason and logic, be evil incarnate itself?

     If you responded negatively, or couldn't fathom a positive or even neutral response, you may want to consider the following courses of action for your own sake:

1) Approach your ex cautiously. If the smell of sulfur in the air is nonexistent, tell him or her to go commit Seppuku if they wish to restore any semblance of honor to themselves.

2) Place an effigy of your ex in their yard, douse with gasoline, and set it ablaze. Upon viewing this, your ex will more than likely cease any further attempts to get back together.

3) Go to your local zoo and bargain with the owner for the purchase, trade, or temporary lease of a rhinoceros. Put said rhinoceros in your ex's abode and promptly leave. The rhino is a well-known adversary of the treacherous ex-spouse.

     If you did respond positively to the questions, then congratulations! You may very well have high hopes of restoring your relationship and living prosperously alongside them. If things do go sour, please reread the modest proposals of how to deal with a not so suitable ex.
I tried to make this as humorous as possible while really trying to make it poetic. Please, I welcome comments. If I receive good enough reviews, I may turn this into a series! Thank you for reading.
The Darkness Nov 2014
...Is there anything more pretentious than unsolicited advice?
The Darkness Nov 2014
**** rises to the top

Gold sinks to the bottom.
Monkeys love playing with ****.
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