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Tenor Kemp Dec 2018
Take another day of afterglow; put it down as luck.
Another place has turned to gold in my dominion...

Too much more of happiness and I will turn to gold myself!
Made of curiosities, placid on my shelf...

Rewards for scarcity...
This is my reward for scarcity...
My rewards for scarcity...

I will see more dawns than coins.
I will be the text on art.
I can't stand too much attention.
Pull me closer!
Pull me closer!

I will criticise this state of art
yet I will play this risen part.
Rewards for scarcity...
This is my reward for scarcity...
My rewards for scarcity...
My rewards for scarcity...
My rewards for scarcity.
Tenor Kemp Apr 2018
remember sometimes winter chill
the thunder played, the feeling still
an angry grey upon the beach
and lightning, far as light could reach;

a sadness had me then and now
but still i could see through and how
a silver lining shone beyond
and veil of winter might be gone
and i might hold it once again,
a happiness, a thrill and then
a lighter moment, far above
and feel again a faith in love;

i climbed again on dunes away
to see beyond again that day.
the world could end and i alone
would weep and for its sins atone.
2 October 2011
Tenor Kemp Jan 2013
woke up old with cold bones creaking,
bright knives cut through shuttered blinds;
i gasped and breathed, remembered, rose
and crept out from the dark to find
a bag sat packed; the words came back:
"Come see me then, if you're alive."

the mist hung down from cloud and sky;
a sun sat brave but weak and low;
the trees so straight and tall remembered
summers young and long ago.

the engine spat and growled and every
tread declared its vigour still,
and soon the trees, the sun and mist
were lost behind the valley hill.

and on i sailed through burning winds
and grey and smokey white-lined seas.
i thought of all i'd say and all
you'd ask and what the past would mean,
and all those summer times we climbed
and hid among the valley trees.
23 July 2011
Tenor Kemp Jan 2012
no one spoke
we got back home and
closed the door
coaxed fire lit and
sat well back
a brew in hand we
bent, compared
the lessons as
that music played
next room, next door
the child outside
his laughter welled
decision made
and past retaken
set afoot now
walk the path
to fireplace we
took the urn and
spilled the ash
into the flame
now we're all done
playing his old game
24 April 2011
Tenor Kemp Jan 2012
beauty wept among the loathsome swells
a bitter squall that lashed and so then unforgave
all good of days now gone and lost and buried
in her remembrances of cities beneath the waves;

from clouds of brilliant light against the blue,
and hope and love for time still then ahead;
in thoughts that had no life and yet still knew
that now, though still alive, were mainly dead;

i watched from high above and circled wide,
forbade her tears from strengthening the waves;
i sang of sun beyond the rim, and turning tide,
and of the hope and brighter light her new life gave.

the ocean wore the stone away at last
but not before her life became their past.
15 April 2011
For my wife, who was going through some tough times.

— The End —