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telumne Feb 9
you and i are like cats
how we twine together then
burst apart
sandpaper tongues and hooking claws and
romping and rapture

i find you every day hiding between my breaths
watching my hands and eating my thoughts
do i live there, too?
in the front of your mind or
maybe the back or
maybe not at all
telumne Jan 25
honey, honey
soft and runny
bones and sulfur
acting funny
telumne Jan 23
some day i will be more than a kid bruised inside with aching eyes and a burning stomach and dry dry dry cut lips. some day i will love another and be happy and not want to make myself suffer and cry out silently i always cry out silently. i never make a sound.
telumne Jan 23
i want me
i want you
i want us
in an embrace painful
our bones fuse
and flowers grow from the notches between us

i want me
i want you
i want us
teeth touching close
they click together
and sparks alight from the enamel

i want me
i want you
i want us
nails digging
any whichway
and i unravel
telumne Jan 22
to feel the touch
of your hand
would **** me
and birth me
all the same

(to cease upon you would be the apex of my life)
telumne Jan 21
somewhere i have a mouth and
in that mouth are teeth that
bite and hurt me
in my softer spots like
my lips and fingers and
my heart i would
take a bite out of it
if i could
telumne Jan 20
nocent talon, gruntlefooted thimbledrinker
the time you cut my palm
and those smooth liquids met

i do not miss you, gaumy goblin
you bit too much, you scratched
and all the acid posthumous

now i sit in a seat most high
his bitten fingers in my hair
my twigs in his

drawn and quartered, honey-cut
my diary dog-eared
but not your pages
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