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Teczboi Jun 2015
A feeling that life should never end...or maybe not knowing where to begin.
A thought, passion ecstasy, bliss, but why does my heart ache like this.
Rushing, consuming, exploding, satisfaction...yet it ends with a pained reaction.
Love is the spring of life we all draw upon, it's for us to nurture that life, and see what it becomes.
Teczboi Jun 2015
quiet moments
thoughts of you.
The caress of a breeze in the park...image of my head in your lap in the shade
Painfully watching each minute of our hour tick away.
your beauty compels me..pleases me..pulls me..sets me free
Teczboi Jun 2015
I hear your laugh and my soul smiles
the anticipation.... is electric

what we find is to be cherished
and desired
and remembered
and forgotten
and buried
and lived
and hidden
and expressed...and us
Teczboi Jun 2015
So here I sit
10 times removed from all my sadness
looking upon what would be the image of my happiness.
I reach for something convince myself this is real
As if she reads my mind she extends her hand
it touches m... in ways only she understands.
The language we speak known only to lovers.
Yes....we are engaged in that blissful dance
in a place where time enjoins us
a we
Teczboi Jun 2015 is eternal and will not be deferred
when we would be this, or that
it shows us who we really are
it salves the deepest of wounds
in those who are strong
foolish ones never invest in its power.
Teczboi Jun 2015
sitting alone except for thoughts of
rain falling, winds gentle breeze caressing, and the sounds of the city.
A child's voice in the distance, yelling, screaming... for joy.
The rumble of a cars engine, the hiss of wet wheels on pavement. a cricket chirps beckoning its lover.
The rain always makes me melancholy, reflective, searching for meaning. Just as abruptly as it starts, the rain ends. The sun appears, peeking through at first as if to take a look at us, then pushes past the clouds.
Life returns to the streets, a cat chases a grasshopper, children roll through on bicycles, their tiny heads bobbing, helmet encased. Birds playfully flit from tree to tree, performing their love ritual...landing talking, then chasing again. Bees drink incessantly, swiftly moving flower to flower, not seeming to notice as children playing brush against the bushes. The children stop to watch as a humming bird appears, whizzing in pausing, vanishing. Ducks in perfect formation honk sounding their commands.
The drum beat of life marches on.
As the sun sets, the clouds return
I am alone...except for thoughts of you.
Teczboi Jun 2015
That day, she came to this world my version of perfect, formed from clay
Blonde hair, pink skin, blue eyes
Now I bask in your gaze, relish your smile
Hunger for your kiss as our hands entwine
The soft of your skin as it touches mine
Sense the thump of your heart as I hold you tight
The warmth of your exhale on our pillow at night..
and I can't help but was my Happy Birthday
Written on the occasion of my wife's 27th birthday
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