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They are the only thing that can make us feel how we did that day,
words cannot say or even be placed,
its a feeling that is raced, to make us smile and even cry.

When at that time, as if... If only we could capture what was,
How I wish for time to stand still but sadly what once was,
will never be.
Taken from "Tears From An Adict"
I sit and wait for the inevitable.....
Time passes......
I sit within stress and worry.

All the stress you've put me through,
My heart races,
My phone echoes,
I’ve run out of time.

Unconsciousness to consciousness
I drift,
Within my thoughts,
I am.....
My own worst enemy.
Taken from "Tears From An Addict"
You've kept me strong in times of hurt,
Just having you puts me in place
and keeps me strong,
I'll do what ever it takes to keep you safe.

For what you've done for Daddy
I cannot explain but I will show
you right from wrong to help the way.

Just a 9 digit figure to the system but to me
You are my world,
My Pride and joy,
My little boy.
Taken from "Tears From An Addict"

— The End —