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Taylor Poole Mar 2016
My anxiety is unbearable this time,
I'm having a break down.
The clock is about to chime,
But I feel like a clown.

When I walk in,
I know they will stare.
I know I'm not a ten,
But is this fair?

My insecurities fill my head.
Why am I doing this?
Critical is what I'm being fed.
I walk out knowing it's a hit or miss.

So here goes nothing...
I have a modeling interview today, wish me luck!!
Taylor Poole Mar 2016
It takes over me.
My lungs filled with disease,
Making it harder to breathe.
My temperature raised to a high degree.
No medicine can save me,
Just let me be.
I'm obviously sick lol :(
Taylor Poole Mar 2016
I wish I could write about pretty things,
But I have to tell you what the darkness brings.
You have to know,
The monsters that live below.
Taylor Poole Mar 2016
I hate these moments of silence,
Because my thoughts wander where they shouldn't go.
Running from doubt,
While I try to get away from myself.
These thoughts expose the real me,
While I'm praying for sleep.
Taylor Poole Mar 2016
I break down,
While the city sleeps.
Taylor Poole Feb 2016
I'm losing you to the games I play with my mind,
Because I'm scared of what you might find.
Taylor Poole Feb 2016
I like being alone.
Shutting out the world is the best kind of feeling.
It's just you and your thoughts.
You get to know yourself,
And fall in love with little things.
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