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Tana Young Nov 2023
For all that ensues, I will heed

Drinking on individual circumstance
Apprehension swims
Manipulating his fluids

Liquid intentionality
Soaked in contamination
Justified with wounds

The wetness of iniquity
He is glossed in it

Questionably bitter.


After ALL this,
I'm still drowning in his adoration

I'm treading his thawed spine,
until his fleshy affections have (also) started dripping

My body, slippery with him
Readily tasting the drips

Somehow, his dampness is so candied
I'm honeyed with each lick

He is very, very vivid to all that is me
He managed to preserve his fragrancy

Unquestionably sweet.
I'm mad at your silence. You could have been honest with me. I would have understood. But, I still thank you, Ahmad. This is for you with all my love.
Tana Young Jun 2022
i have gifted my anatomy with wholesome, organic nourishment
i'm left unaligned
i have gifted my form with stimulating and beneficial exertion
yet, i'm still left cognitively discontent

my ears (and my mind)
have a constant flow of incongruent content from that above
and that, simply, is my revelation

i am blessing my organs
while doing no favors to my mind (and my soul)

this became prevalent following a fresh, introduced energy
the things you read, write, listen to, and say are potent creators
no matter how health-giving you are to your physical form
the content flow is the omnipotent
I have not written in so long. This website has been a safe place for me during my childhood. I'm now 25 and finally writing again. I am so happy to be here.
Tana Young Dec 2019
My own thoughts presented at the flesh steps
Shockingly frightening
Introduce to me, but not necessarily by me
But by my own familiarization
These steps are not all my own
Just momentarily
It started as a small seemingly unimportant puddle
Under my tongue
Slowly poured out on the steps
Now dampening the home
Should soon be entirely wet
Washing out all construction
The thick sensation of security
Now only a veil
Rough draft... always open to advice
Tana Young Jan 2019
My uncertainties I speak aloud
Mysteriously mute
I have even composed it, here! for you!
But it still seems to be inaudible to you
My dreams manifesting into violence
I know I’ve become accustomed to the unnecessary
I have reigned over my thoughts, for years, until you
Tana Young Nov 2018
You have very well tailored flesh
Cultivating your features
These flesh mirrors,
reflecting the enlightening distortion
The illusions of the red
An ostentatious color
Your staggering amount of obligation
Strenuous on your fitted eyes
Perceiving so efficiently,
that your multi-spined flesh suit is wet
Tana Young Oct 2018
a musical facade, an internally strident tone
playing artfully, an out put of a hushed orchestra
composed individualized intentions
every tune, singularly silent, like that of a revelation
hiding the sharpness of the precise melody
individually unusable
tunefully mute
i imagined licking it
i cannot hear its notes, but I desire to
maybe I can taste it?
Not done just want feed back
Tana Young Sep 2018
A construed connection
The dampness of my soul
Glistening on his declared, steady skin
Repelling my dripping grasp
My slippery infection
Now, somehow
slithering to a ripe apifany
An intricate abnormality
That is me
A remodeled intellect, grasping for fresh ventilation
Panting in all the raw air
My  quivering inhales, so pathetic
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