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Tam Ly Jun 2011
You be Lex

and I’ll be your Supa

I’ll step on you

like Mario does Koopa

We’ll fight it out

cuz we love to hate

losing the end

From a winner’s fate

beat me to heal me

so we can fight again

quarter circle forward

and I’ll be your Ken

so keep it going to the end

save ourselves from the final sin

because everyone dies

when someone wins

Tam Ly Jun 2011
It’s the key to open your heart

One press to blow it apart

to be fickle like a fire

only by desire do we design

mine a mind of mine

and find an urgency in signs

drawing contingencies in dotted lines

so hit it and forget it

all the cost in memories

soon enough you’ll get it

exit wounds hemorrhaging.
Tam Ly Jun 2011
I am the sweater

for while you weather the weather

I am the warmth

of a holey disposition

you’re frigid but are you cold?

you’re paid but are you sold?

More or less I am told

I am the sweater

for whether you weather the weather

I am the calm

of a shying shielded sun

you’re loud but have you told?

you’re here but are you bold?

More or less I am told

You are the body for a cardigan

all that you seem at its seams

You are the knitted lion with its mane

of a proud and brilliant claim

you’re hungry but have you fed?

you roar but have you said?

confessed a truth in red

pull this thread

pull this thread.
Tam Ly Jun 2011
A word bites

As an idea infects

And a world moves

When a life defects

An army rises

Like hungry fools

A mob dines

With its ****** tools

A mind rots

As its flesh decays

Finds its worth

In what it weighs
Tam Ly Jun 2011
I’m starving for attention

and you have plenty on your plate

so give me your intention

and we’ll call it just a date

as wine turns to water

and God is always late

as the callous man burns you

and the patient man waits.

So give the man your order

and dress your thoughts ornate

And when the man desserts you

I’ll help you clean your plate.

— The End —