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Tam Ly Jun 2011
The morning brought the tremors of gray tumors in the sky
and it’s such a shame
that you had to hang yourself to dry your eyes
you broke the Sun
once you stared too long just to find
that you were blind
and what’s your name?
just an acronym of letters
without the words to tell them better
and It burned the colors in the rain
and made you bask in the pity of the sane
you were the working dead running from the living red
just finding sunshine in the telescope
a morbidity without the soap dangling on a rope
a sad addiction to fictional afflictions
as an urgency and Exit signs away your strife
with white gloves and an empty smile of love from above.

And how many gods does it take to change a light?
Tam Ly Jun 2011
He fooled you into flowering-
Winter with his liar’s gaze
He pulled your petals to show you how you feel
He stole your hand to show you what was real

He fooled you into flowering-
A winter’s fleeting warm confession.
You broke your beauty out to doom
As frigid fingers pull your petals to show you how you feel
As the fractured flower falls to show you what is real
…to love you.
…to love you not.
…to love you.
…to love you not.
Tam Ly Jun 2011
It’s a pill from your mouth to mind.

A cure that only words can find.

It drips in my ear

drowns out the fear

listens to what I want to hear

and at the end of the day

it’s not what you do

but all that you say

that saves this soul

so give me the the thrill

in heart shaped pills

that tell us what we could feel

Cuz I’m ill, I’m ill

and you heal, you heal

and with lips

you try to feel

what a heart can’t ****

but don’t do

don’t try

you’ll fail

I’ll die

just let it be

let a bleeding heart lie.
Tam Ly Jun 2011
Sometimes a hollow hug hurts

a buzz word stings

like a game of blame and acid shame

and the very venom we secrete

stills a heart of a simple beat

to hold and to perish

a love well-worn

to fold and to cherish

a beast forlorn.
Tam Ly Jun 2011
It’s the best when it burns brightly

like an arsonist of wooden bridges

It’s the murdering of moments nightly

as a moth to a flame inherits its own blame

because a cord cutter cuts

and a pain monger guts

a life just to feel

the good bye high

the good bye high

so lo and behold

a rainbow bridge and rumors I am told

of a brilliant pleasure

from an empty *** of gold

like a glorious treasure

of words that I am sold

but, nothing takes my heart like hurt

when we beat a rainbow into black and white

when we see that pain shows wrong is right

so I’m looking for hello in

the good bye high

I’m going to say hello to

the good bye high

the good bye bye
Tam Ly Jun 2011
You keep it running on
So why don’t you **** it
With a point.
With a point.
You make a mind flutter
By the way that you stutter
Pause your words like your life
Stuck in a coma
So why don’t you spill it
Before you **** it
With a point.

With a point..

With a point…
Tam Ly Jun 2011
Hold my hand

and pull me down

a penny and dime

for a quarter of your time

make me spin around your eyes

take me when the stars align

you bet on change

for rich dreams

but I take

you give

you’re done

I live.
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