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Toast Ghost Jun 2019
He knows.
He knows that I'm already bleeding I've already fallen,
I can't defend myself when it comes to him. It would be so easy for him just break past my paper walls and tear through the weak, burnt, charred fleash and muscle and bones that had protected me from people like him for so long, he could easily just rip through it and pull out my glass heart and crush it in his fist, the tiny bleeding shards would fall from his hand, scraping it up and drawing drops of metallic blood from his hand, the tiney red sparkleing Cristal shards would fall down, down, down. And as fast as the light would fade out from my eyes as my soul would slowly evaporate, the shards of my broken crystal heart would hit the floor. The remanders of my heart, my life, my love, my being, the beautiful remanders of an ugly girl would shatter like glass on the cold hard stone floor. drops of blood, bolth mine and his, would blossom into tiny pools of beautiful red. The pools would spread, yet never touch. As the dark red stains spread across the cold floor. I would die, watching pooling dots of my own blood and tears, and his, his blood, his tears drip dropping to the floor that I die upon. My last sight would be the sight of ugly love and beutiful death. He would walk away, just like they all did. The toxic, evil of man would be the one to finally gain the victory of ending this wasted life that I have lived. I know he wouldn't even think about it. he would soon forget, about me, about love and about death. That is what love is, it's a slow painful death that you unwillingly bring upon yourself, all of these fools are allowing themselfs to be dragged into this, they're idiots, all calling it "love" I should be happy that he hasn't destroyed me like the rest have yet, but I know he could and he would be The very last.
You wanna peice of me? Let's fight, go on cake my day. Lol

— The End —