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Terry Collett May 2018
Early afternoon
by the pond
with that cheap
fishing rod
and poor worm
as bait.

I was waiting for you
watching the sunlight
play on the water's skin.

Ducks swam by
in slow motion.

Birds sang
in the woods behind
and over the way.

You showed up
and came sat by me
on the grass.

You said your mother
had kept you in
for chores until lunch.

The fish weren't biting.
The line unmoving.

You lay back
on the grass
hands behind your head.

I propped the rod
against a branch
and lay beside you
beneath the sun
through shade of trees.

You turned to face me
and I turned to you.

You spoke
of the last time
we came
and lay back
in the tall grass
and kissed.

I listened
seeing how sunlight
danced in your hair
and your brown eyes
and your engaging stare.
Terry Collett May 2018
Miss Billings
rode her motorbike
into the forecourt
of the garage
and down the side
which led
to the workshop.

I watched her ride
her blonde long hair
pushing out
from her headscarf
and helmet
and her goggles
insect like.

I served a customer
who drove up to a pump.

Once the car
had driven off
after paying me
and taking a receipt
I went back
to the little
front office.

She came
to the office doorway.

Benny boy
have you missed me?
she said.

I gazed at her
with her flowing
blonde hair
and her glasses
with the coloured frames.

I looked at her
Marilyn Monroe figure.

I said.

Why have you
missed me?
she said
I am such
a ***** to you.

I like it when
you're around
I said.

Do you fancy me Kid?
she said.

I felt my face

You do
she said
in laughing voice
you've no chance Kid
and walked away

I hadn't said I did
but maybe I did
deep down
hidden from sight.

Sometimes in bed
late and dark
I snuggled down
with my image of her
and switched
off the light.
Terry Collett Mar 2018
Magdalene dries
her hair. She got
caught in the storm
and rain and drenched.

Her wet clothes lay
limp in the bath. Mary
was drenched too
and was at home
drying out like herself.

They'd met after school
and walked to the park
and shelter and kissed.

None saw. Just as well.

The nuns at school kept
them apart with an eye
to danger of that terrible
sort. They got caught in
the rain on the way home.

Thunder and lightning
and down pour of rain.

Her hair is dry. She now
brushes it out. Her bold
mirrored self stands naked.

If Mary was there. They
could if she were and if
they had time or they dare.
Terry Collett Feb 2018
I was busy at the garage;
you came to the garage
shop for cigarettes, you

waited for me to serve
the customer with petrol.
When I served you, you

said your bus to town
would be arriving in ten
minutes. I looked at you

standing there, the cigarette
between lips. You lit it
and inhaled. I remembered

our first kiss. That late
December one years before.
You thirteen and I fourteen.

Moonlight and stars above us.
You talked of your work, the
busy shop, moaning manager

and customers. You said you'd
met a guy while at work who
brings deliveries. I listened.

You left saying your bus would
be there soon. I watched you
go thinking of the kiss and stars

and bright light of the moon.
Terry Collett Oct 2017
Magdalene watched 
her father dig 
from her bedroom window. 
His cloth cap at the back 
of his head, sweat on his brow, 
mud on his boots 
as he dug the sod. 

Her mother was out shopping 
with Mrs Moran, Mary's mother. 

Magdalene looked back at her bed. 
Had Mary there. Us lying there 
kissing and touching. 

Kiss me here, Mary said, 
showing her small ******* 
with the light brown dugs. 
Kissed and mouthed. 

She looked back at her father; 
he stood upright holding his back, 
gazing where he'd dug. 

If he knew he'd belt me one. 
Secret love. None must know. 
Sunlight shone through the window 
with a soft flowing glow.
An Irish girl and thoughts in Eire 1963
Terry Collett Aug 2017
The house was quiet
Magdalene's parents were out
her da was away on the farm
and her ma was out
visiting a friend.

Mary was lying
beside Magdalene
on her single bed.  

Do you want to?
Magdalene said.

Have we time?
Mary replied.

To be sure we have
Magdalene said.

She kissed Mary's lips
quietly she moved back
on her side
and gazed at the girl.

You can kiss better
than the Kelly boy
Mary said smiling.

They lay gazing at each other
shall we undress?
Magdalene said softly.

What if your parents come
and find us?
Mary said.

They'll belt your ****
Magdalene said jokingly
come on.

Mary listened out for sounds
birds sang from the garden
a cow mooed
from a nearby field.

On your head be it
Mary said.

They got off the bed
and began to undress
each watching the other
remove clothing.

They piled their clothes neatly
on the dressing table
and climbed into bed.

Your hands are cold
Mary said
as Magdalene touched her thighs.

Let me warm them
Magdalene whispered.

They kissed and hugged
then after 5 minutes
there was a knock
on the front door.

Who the **** is that?
Magdalene said
getting out of the bed
and looking out
the window
at the front door below.

Who it is?
Mary asked sitting up
holding the sheet up
to her small *******.

The fecking postman
Magdalene said.

She grabbed her
dressing gown
and went downstairs.

Mary got out of bed
and stood gazing out
the window.

The postman said something
and the door closed.

Magdalene came back
up the stairs
parcel for me ma
best get dressed in case
me ma comes back sooner
Magdalene said

So they got dressed
and went down stairs
and went in the kitchen
and made tea
and sat at the table.

A few minutes later
her ma came in.

You are back early
Magdalene said.

My friend
didn't show up
her ma said
what you two girls
been up to?

Nothing just having tea
and a chin-wag
Magdalene said
keeping images
of her and Mary
naked in bed
locked up
in her head
Terry Collett Jul 2017
And Magdalene had taken
down the crucifix above
her parents' bed and dusted
it off with a yellow duster

and got the cobwebs off  and
looked at the Christ nailed
there through hands and feet
and a crown of metal thorns

about his plaster head and she
remembered how Martha her
school friend had a fixation
with the Crucified as she called

him and once took a crucifix
to bed with her because she
wanted to be a bride of Christ
and her mother had told her off

for it she took the Christ over to
the window to see better in the
daylight and the Christ looked
old as if it had been around many

centuries she blew over it blowing
away minute particles she carried
it back climbed on to the bed and
put it back settled it straight then

stood there and bounced on her
parents' double bed a little she
wished she could bring Mary on
it wished they could make love in

it that would be a thrill the thought
that it was her parents' bed and they
might be home at anytime and be
caught she climbed off the bed

carrying the thought with her the
Christ looked down at the bed
hanging there how great a love it
must be to have your son nailed

there and still have the ability to
love mankind she mused something
she herself would not have or refused.
Terry Collett Jul 2017
Martha stood
on a wooden chair
to reach the crucifix
on the wall
of the old chapel.

She was dusting
with a yellow duster
(brought from home)
to wipe away
the dust
and cobwebs
attached to the crown
of thorns
of the Crucified
and those about
His beard.

Waaat are ye at?
a nun said
behind her.

Oi'm dustin'
Martha replied
looking around
at the nun.

*** down
dis once
the nun said
a thin finger.

But our Lord
is dusty an' full
av cobwebs
Martha said
turning her head
back to the Christ
wiping about
His beard.

Oi said nigh
the nun said firmly.

Martha sighed
and stepped off
the chair
which creaked.

is the first tin'
if yer want
ter be a nun
Sister Luke said.

Martha looked
at the nun
yer Lord looked
so sad dare
covered wi' de webs
she said.

av yisser blather
the nun said
on yisser way
ter class.

Martha looked
at the Christ
then walked out
the chapel
leaving the nun behind
musing on being a nun
it turning over
in her mind.
Terry Collett Jun 2017
Mary undressed
for her Friday bath.

The water was steaming
steam rose
to the off-white ceiling.

She dipped in a foot
withdrew it again.

Feckin' 'ot.

She turned on
the cold water tap.

It cooled down
the water.

She turned off the tap
and put in
a foot again.

That's better.

She climbed
in the bath
and sat down.

Water reached
her small taut *******.

Luk at de sight
av dem.

Two love bites
stained one breast.

Magdalene's work.

She picked up
a pink sponge
and soaped it up.

Washed her
neck, arms,
******* and down
between thighs.

Nuns an' their

Buff an' blister
Thomas an' 'er
ideas for lent.

She wished the nun
would go to holy Rome.

She soaped
her *** standing up.

wud love dis.

She sponge down
with water washing
the soap off.

A love bite on her
right thigh high up.

lipped her
and kissed her.

That time
at Magdalene's
parents' house
while they
were out shopping.

Both naked
on the bed.

Nip as babes.

Mary stepped out
of the warm bath.

She grabbed
a white towel
began to dry herself.

Wish Magdalene
wus here nigh.


Once dried
she stood and gazed
at herself
in the mirror.

Jist loike Eve.

That time
at Magdalene's house
lying abed
with a thousand thoughts
going round
in her head.
Terry Collett Jun 2017
Your da was in a mood
he'd received a letter
from the nuns at school
that you'd been insolent
and had been
punished for it.

Can't understand ya
he said
brought up
a good Catholic
and you behave
like this
I'd give ya
ma hand
but I don't think
it'd be any good.

He stormed out
to the garden
and took it out
on the vegetable bed
with his *****.

Now you've got him
in a mood
and it'll be me
that has to get him
calmed down
your ma said
just because you
want to act
the big lady.

She went into
the kitchen
and banged
pots and pans about
and moaned to herself

You went
to your room
and shut the door
**** the nuns
you muttered
and lay on your bed.

You had Mary
on this bed
a week or so ago
you and she
doing things
that'd make
your da's eyes
pop from his head
and his jaw
dropped like
a dead donkey's tool.

You kissed your arm
pretended it was Mary
she lying there
beside you
her snugly body
close to yours.

the slamming
of doors.
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