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Terry Collett May 2018
One of the few times
you were allowed
to bring me home
you sat
at the piano
and played
some Schubert stuff.

Your mother sat
in her armchair listening
and I sat on the sofa
watching you play
seeing you move
side to side
your hands moving
over the keyboard.

Your mother
was telling you things
as you played like
bit slower or softer.

I wanted to kiss your neck
as I had that time
when you played
in the music room
at school
or that time
you crept into the bed
your mother let me sleep in
when I stayed
that weekend.

Once you had played
the Schubert piece
she wanted you to play
the Chopin thing
so I sat gazing at your figure
how slim you were
how we had snuggled up
real close that night
in the bed
with the curtains open
and moon shining
so bright.
Terry Collett May 2018
Sit down Coles
you are unable
to answer the question
I have asked
Parrot said.

I sat down
and watched
a few hands rise up.

He chose a hand
the skinny kid stood up
and answered the question
with stutter and spit.

But it wasn't it.

No no
Parrot said
anyone else
have a clue?

No hands went up
and so he gazed at us
with his dark eyes

Have you not
been listening
to what I have been
teaching you
this past term?

None had
it seemed.

I noticed you
just ahead of me
how your fine hair
fell over your shoulders
and the outline
of your bra-strap
through your white blouse.

Parrot went on
relating what
we'd missed
and your head
was turned
and the lips
I hadn't kissed.
Terry Collett May 2018
Your brother gave me
an envelope from you
in the boy's playground
at morning break.

"She said to give you this"
he said handing it to me
and walked away.

I opened the envelope
and pulled out
the black and white
photograph of you
taken a year or so ago.

I guessed
you'd want one of me
to put beneath your pillow
away from prying eyes.

I would seek one out
I mused
tucking your photo
in the inside pocket
of my coat.

It looked fine
and I hoped to see you
at lunchtime
on the playing field
if all went well.

Rennie found me
and we played cards
by a corner wall.

I thought of you
and lying beside you
on the grass
and the excitement
of you being so near
and the sound
of your voice and laughter
touching my ear.
Terry Collett May 2018
A rabbit passed
where we lay.

Sunlight pushed
through the trees above.

A blackbird sang
to our left
and a woodpecker pecked
across the pond
you called lake.

I sensed you
next to me.

Your breathing
was even
and untroubled.

I smelt your scent.

I wanted to turn around
and kiss each part of you
but I lay
noticing the vibes.

You spoke
of your mother's suspicions
of you and me.

Had she seen us here
the other week I mused.

You sat up
from the grass.

You cocked your head
for other sounds.

I lay still
taking in your neck
and back and outline
of your bra.

I sensed nothing
from afar.

You looked down at me
"Thought I heard noises"
you said.

You leaned down
and we kissed.

There was a slight slit
in your dress
showing thigh
which I somehow
Terry Collett May 2018
Your mother
had gone to see
her sister in Chichester
so you went with me
to the pond that day.

It was Saturday
so no school
and having done
your chores
we went to the pond.

It was a bright morning
and warm
and the birds
were out in force
and ducks swam
on the water.

"I wouldn't have got out
had she been there"
you said.

"Glad she did
and you have"
I said.

You lay on the grass
and I lay beside you.

"How comes
she won't let you out
on Saturday?"
I asked.

"She says it's
to train us girls
to become good wives"
you replied.

"So what is your sister
doing today"
I asked.

"I have no idea
and don't care
as long as she doesn't
say about me
going out"
you said.

"Will she?"
I said.

"Hope not
but I have done
all the jobs
I was told to do"
you said.

You took my hand
in yours and held it
against your breast.

I felt your heartbeat.

"If my house was empty
we could go there"
you said
"but my sister
is probably there
and my father
might pop in
from the farm for lunch."

"And what
would we do there?"
I said smiling.

"You'll not know now"
you said.

You turned
and looked down
at me lying there.

You kissed me
on the lips.

A long kiss
then you pulled away
and stared at me.

I gazed
into your eyes
like into a deep
blue sea.
Terry Collett May 2018
Yochana passed
the music room.

She wanted to go in
and play on the piano
practise the Schubert
her mother insisted on.

Angela was beside her
like a chaperone
in case Benedict
talked to her
or kissed her
as he had
a few weeks before.

She wanted him
to kiss her again
but with Angela there
she couldn't.

She managed
to see him alone
in the music room
that morning
and explained.

He had listened to her
play Fur Elise
as he stood behind her
her fingers move.

She sensed
his breathing.

Warm air
on her neck.

She entered
the science room
and Angela followed
close behind
but she couldn't
get the kiss
from her mind.
Terry Collett May 2018
We lay down in a field
that afternoon
the last term at school
approaching in a week or two
and we lay and talked
as people do.

"So where will you work?"
you said
turning your head.

"In a garage I hope
learning to repair cars"
I replied
looking at your eyes
that looked at me.

"Are you interested in cars?"
you asked
lying on your side
your arm
acting as a pillow
and your brown hair
holding the sun's glow.

"Of course I am"
I said
"be no point otherwise.

You smiled that smile
that first captured me
a year before
and your bright
blue eyes.

"I will probably work
in a store"
you said
"selling groceries
and such
and no I'm not
interested in groceries
that much."

I smiled
and turned on my side.

our first kiss?"
you asked.

"How could I
forget that"
I replied
"it was just
before Christmas
and we out
singing carols
in the nearby

Your eyes
searched mine
"And while no one
was looking
we turned and kissed"
you said.

I leaned closer
and kissed your lips
to a silence
like the dead.

How long we kissed
I have no idea
but it lasted
quite a while.

I remember
that first day
of September.
Terry Collett Apr 2018
"I wanted to be a nun"
you said
that time
we lay on the grass
one lunch time
at school
"but since meeting you
I've changed my mind."

"What made you think
you might be a nun?
I said
looking at you
lying there
gazing at the sky
above your head.

"Don't know
just thought
I'd be
a bride of Christ"
you said
turning to look at me
beside you.

"Why has meeting me
changed your mind?"
I asked
taking in
your straight black hair
and slight squint.

"You're the first boy
to talk to me
and want to lay
with me out here"
you replied.

"Can't you still
be a nun later?"
I said
knowing me?"

You gazed at me.

"Not now
I've met you"
you said.

I mused
on the factor.

"I leave school
at the end of year"
I said
"and you are here
for another year."

You turned
and gazed
at the clouds
passing by.

"I can't be
a nun now"
you said
"He won't want me
on a rebound."

It was early summer
and other kids
were playing a ballgame
and I could hear
a cheering
calling sound.
Terry Collett Apr 2018
You I would whisk
into the dark
of the church porch
before Friday evening's
choir practice
and in our dark
secret place
kiss lips and face.

We'd hear the ***** start up
the organist running
a Bach melody
while waiting for all
to arrive in choir
for practice runs
of hymns and psalms
and other parts
in between
and we having made
a last kiss run around
to the vestry
and into church
to be seen.

Males one side
and females on the other
and the choir-mistress
in between organizing
parts to be sung or chanted
with the *****'s backing
or leading the way
and I gazing at you opposite
and the quick kisses
we managed just now
and a few more later

Now time has fled
and the years have past
and I am aged
and you are dead.
Terry Collett Apr 2018
"I've found
some place for us,"
you said,
and taking my hand
you pulled me along
the school corridor,
pulled me past other kids
who stood talking,
or were lined-up
at the tuck shop,
or walking along
beside us.

You dragged me
into an empty classroom
or abandoned classroom
no longer in use,
and pushing the door shut
with a foot,
leaned me against the wall
where old charts
and posters hung
pinned to a board.

In silence
you explored me
and I, I suppose
explored you,
in a time and place
one wouldn't normally do.

Your kisses were wild,
hungry affairs,
lips and tongue
in equal measure,
your hand exploring below,
and I unsure didn't though.

"No one comes
in here,"
you said
in hasty breath,
closing with
another hasty kiss.

I sensed the lumps
and bumps of you,
the curves and secret places
not explored, but mused on
in that silent room,
abandoned now,
and you made
the best of me
and us there,
some how.
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