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Jun 2015 · 1.0k
Sycamore Spirit Jun 2015
I sold my engagement ring to a gold peddler for $995.
I paid off my consulting lawyer.
I purchsed a bottle of 15 year single malt.
I bought gasoline and drove 336 miles.

I threw your wedding band, the one you left me to dispose of, into the shallowest and widest river I could find.

You're welcome.
Apr 2015 · 550
weeks end
Sycamore Spirit Apr 2015
travel light sideways
  long for lowland to inhale sunny afternoon
tin roof laughing
river is flowing gently

kisses if I stumble
Apr 2015 · 589
Sycamore Spirit Apr 2015
wild promises
    sang light dynamic mouthful
            ravenous moonlight
Apr 2015 · 388
The Tick Tock Has Stopped
Sycamore Spirit Apr 2015
I waited.
Would that surprise you?
Seems like I did that a lot when we were together.
I waited after we split too.
For that call.
The inquiry.
A simple "how are you?"
The date you said you would ask of me.

I have finally given up waiting.
The beginning has evolved. You are not there any longer.
Apr 2015 · 437
Sycamore Spirit Apr 2015
The hypocrite in me honors the hypocrite in you.
we are all hypocrites. every single day.
Apr 2015 · 703
Sycamore Spirit Apr 2015
I think I may launch a sapphire into the realm of leaves and leeches
and see, if anything, gets launched back in return.
Apr 2015 · 793
Sycamore Spirit Apr 2015
rise and fall juicy collapse

eyes joined hands tumble through pressed atoms

his beard smells of love
Apr 2015 · 375
Sycamore Spirit Apr 2015
I don’t want to be sweet today.

I want to be mad. Angry.

I don’t want to play nice.

**** manifesting love.

I want to manifest the **** out of some bad behaviour.

I want to be unpredictable.

I want riotous and shocking things to come out of my mouth.

I want to drink whiskey and smoke cigarettes
Mar 2015 · 909
Desire (10W)
Sycamore Spirit Mar 2015
I want to open your skull and lick your mind.
intelligent lust
Mar 2015 · 698
In Progress
Sycamore Spirit Mar 2015
Lightning strike
Secret places

Eyes touched
Magic created

Elemental allies
Sunrise smile

Carnelian soul
Healing touch
Mar 2015 · 481
Good Bye
Sycamore Spirit Mar 2015
I danced you out
I gathered the negative
torn spirit in a paper bag
I took it to the woods
the life was strong
I let it out
waving as it went
floating away
from me
healing trance dances
Mar 2015 · 512
Sycamore Spirit Mar 2015
Wake up Silly
It’s here

Smoke from belly flame
Kindling licks
Dragon fire birth

Chills for thawing heart
Skin races
Softness sets in

Words on the tongue
Spring forward
Truth time tells

Face in the mirror
Flower budding
Never more beautiful

Music of inner voice
Vibrate soul
I made it

I. Made. It.
it was a hard fall and a long winter.
Mar 2015 · 1.2k
Sycamore Spirit Mar 2015
I thought you the moon
You ended up being the sun

I burned up

Dew drop disappeared
Burned grass
No respite shade

Soul cancer

— The End —