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SW Feb 2016
I held her as she died.
(Literally.... for those of you reading this)
She died in my arms.
My frantic breaths and shaking hands as I tried to make

Three years in just a few short weeks
My mother left me
My hands shake as I write this
And the words look blurry

Her last words
were that she loved me
Such a cliche, I know.
But cliche's are cliche for a reason i suppose

"Fallen Angel just let go, you dont have to be alone"
Thats what this song says.
"I was right beside you when you went to hell and back again"
Its getting under my skin, These words
"Fallen angel close your eyes, I wont let you fall tonight"

I write this as a momento I suppose
To my Mother
May she rest in peace.
Maybe I will find it as well.
The Song is Fallen Angel - Three Days Grace. I DONT own those lyrics.
SW Dec 2015
Perpetual motion noise.
Inherent everlasting song.
Endless Echo/

Expression fails to encapsulate my affections.
You render everyone/else obsolete.
Unnecessary to complete my life.

You fill every aspect of happiness I could imagine.
An Endless Echo as it were.
But that is not an apt description
For what Echo strengthens as it reverberates?

But you are strong.
And beautiful.
And perfectly imperfect.
Cute. Adorable.
And loyal to a fault.

My Forever Home.

My Endless Echo.

/I wish you the best.
Happy Birthday Love,
Wish I was there. :)
SW Jan 2014
A thousand unutterable sorrows and joys race through
as I sit here and think of you.

I miss you. I love you.
Your laugh, your smile, your eyes.
All the phantoms of you that haunt my every
waking moment.

My cold shaking hands cannot recall,
the warmth of yours. Nor can my memory serve
to fill this emptiness taking your place.
Notions of simple complexity....
Cal it what you will.

Ha! God I miss you.
You're my everything, Bunches.
You're my...

Simplexity: May the world see us together soon.
SW Apr 2013
Enjoy the flight, and the fall
Live and Love without reserve
Take a chance and leap off the cliff
But dont lose yourself to fickle bliss
Blind yourself to past mistakes
But keep the lessons and the aches
Take up arms against the Fake
For the weak, and for our sake
Live free or live in fear
Drown in Life or in tears
its your call
Enjoy the flight and the fall

I stand on a cliff, waiting for your hand
Take that last step, and break your chains
You are strong, You are strong.
Repeat it with me.
You are strong, you are strong.
SW Apr 2013
How can I possibly tell you this.
You're.... My light in a dark world.
A Fluttering Hope for the Hopeless
A Guiding Angel for a Sinful Demon
A fire to warm a cold heart

It has been nearly three years since anyone
Or anything has inspired me to draw
To be so artistically productive.
That says a lot about you
And how you fit into my life

I only want your happiness.
But if you choose me, be strong.
Be steadfast, because I cannot take this indecision.
I would rather drop it all than go through anymore
SW Mar 2013
Let me explain it
Its me.

A black wolf
Alone. Only my necklace for company.
The scares on my chest, not self inflicted
But inflicted by everyone who's hurt me

Your name is there. I dont mind
It just shows how much I care about you
That you can hurt me that badly
And whether you want it or not

Ive given a piece of my heart to you
To take care of, nurture, grow
To show off.

Hang it somewhere you wont forget
Ive given a piece of my heart to you.
SW Mar 2013
Facing light, a cycle is found.
Neither knowing why nor how
Springs softest embrace, white wings
Of summer light, angels in gold sing
The hymns that lead me here
Neither a place to head or fear

As daylight dies a cycle is found
Both warm and cool, melancholy surrounds
Folding beneath in certain joy
All play, jokes, smiles so coy
These Hymns that lead me here
Both a place to head and fear

So come Dawn, come Dusk.
Remove this sinful rust
From this artists fingers
So let emotions on them linger
And flow into the world clearly
For all or none to treasure dearly.
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