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sugar plumb Nov 2013
To stay
sugar plumb Oct 2013
I have no idea how to un-erase so I just puddle at the door
My face looking like a pile of fallen cards
Like everything has been playing me.

I tried so hard.

When I said give me a ring

he thought I meant a call.
sugar plumb Oct 2013
My Dreams
are for sale.
sugar plumb Sep 2013
I am a souvenir shop

that is always open.
sugar plumb May 2013
I don't know
if it
should have been
this easy.
sugar plumb Apr 2013
I fell in love with you

and the person you are

made it easy for me

to get over you.
sugar plumb Apr 2013
You recognize love after the fact
You did what you did and that was that

Don't say words that you don't mean
When I'm gone, please speak well of me

Looking back now
I only wish I had been kinder
Did I ever know love, did I ever know love?
And could I have been blinder?

Don't hold back all your love for someday, for someday

I would say that I'm sorry if it would do any good
But to never regret means you have to forget
and I don't think that I could
It makes me cry every time. And i know all the reasons why.
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