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Sue Dunhym Aug 2011
Only some things make sense.
Like full stops. No, they hardly make sense these days too.
The sun? No, not when you get down to it.
One tries not exaggerate,
but when the laws of physics
start to state
that the
only order is chaos
and that our Universe
for most of time
doesn't exist.
Or exists in different contexts
with different people
and different outcomes.
so either we exist in multiplicity
or not all.
One tends to exaggerate.

Saying nothing makes sense.
Sounds appropriate.
We can function.
We know how to *******.
But that’s the thing,
We make sense through lacking

This is it
The natural turn to chaos.
Makes sense,
When you try to hold the handle
It breaks,
And you’re stuck

When you
Her for the first time

You – I? – were too far gone
You’ve fallen into chaos
As opposed to falling in love?
Makes sense.
Many would say it’s not at all like that.

Some of us are a little damaged.
Bruised. Scratched. Broken.
We  don’t squeak.
We don’t light up.
We don’t walk.
A little damaged.
Some you can only hear the damage
When you shake them.
Broken bits are flung around.
Others, you hear nothing at all.

Full stops.
They use to make sense.
Now they look like commas.
Or exclamation points. Bang.

but yes if i flung my punctuation out
the window it would
not make sense as we
without the whitespace.

Let’s bring back the Universe
The sun
The nothing
The everything
The full stops
The periods

I’ll end my cryptic harangue
And step back from my rant.
It was grand to know you
And I’m ecstatic to consider

Maybe in one of all those other
It made sense
Rather that
Than not
At all.
Sue Dunhym Aug 2011
You descended from the ground
and took your
in front of me.

I looked at you out the corner of my eye.
I was staring a little.
My left shoulder was interested.
And my right shoulder
didn't care.

Time had moved.
Space had moved.
And the left shoulder screamed your name
How odd.
How interesting.
How cool.
But my left shoulder was
And my right shoulder
didn't care.

And so reality
And my left shoulder
Breathed your name
(amongst others)
And then shrieked
As our existence
Touched again.
Somersaults and
How glad my left shoulder
But soon we advanced again.
I thought
time may touch us soon.
My right shoulder
didn't care.

and a bit convenient.
Our paths cross like
amorous lovers.
My left shoulder
burst into flames.
And then wet itself.
I planned to see you again.
My right shoulder didn't

We spoke
We wrote
We become aware of our greater
My left shoulder
had relaxed
but was still interested.
You were odd.
You were interesting.
You were cool.
Now my right shoulder
Looked up
and stared.

Then we began to chat
To speak wanton thoughts.
And released
the beasts.
We didn't notice
The carnage.
And my left shoulder hid away.
And I tried to ignore.
And my right shoulder stood forth.

Sweet and seductive
You knew before me.
You had no choice.

But whether through my left
or my right.
Or just me.
I will always find you
Secretive and sensual,
Strange Salai.
Sue Dunhym Aug 2011
I will laugh and
As we spend time together.
Spend your time with me.
Between two dots in the Universe.
Where we will weep and cry
At the final dot.
Melancholic and morose.
Before, we will be
Happy for the time between
Two points.

Infinity will beam and
Take the hands of Oblivion
And swing his lover
Around as she squeals and
They will make love in
The sunshine; The moonlight;
During witching hour
And watch the sunrise
Merely to do it all again.

Perhaps we will fall in love.
Infatuated. Intoxicated.
(one more to complete the set.)
Perhaps you will be my muse
(I will go through forests and octopi.)
Perhaps I will be the one to make you cry.

When you become my siren;
When you crash me on the rocks;
We will reach the final dot
And fall in to the abyss.

Oblivion and Infinity
Will not catch us
In our descent.
And the time between two dots
Will be the only time that exists
And I’ll be
To spend it
With you.
Sue Dunhym Aug 2011
Make love to boring and ugly girls.
It’s easy, simple.
Kiss the ones you do not wish
Flirt with *****, sycophants and the silent girls.
Whatever. Even some boys.
They do not matter. That’s not the point
But there she is:
Your tongue shall dissolve
Your lips shall fall
And your ***** shall shrink
She is not something bland
Nor mediocre
She is:
Nevermind: words have failed.
Sue Dunhym May 2011
How treacherous.
How boring.
It was a time between three and four.
A time between eleven and one.
The pre-emptive witching hour.
The incidental grey area.

My mind was a-buzz.
My thoughts were flashing.
I knew not what they were,
But I was morose and melancholic.

I could not work.
I could not sleep.
I could not think.
Chaos had become my order.
And infinity had become my moment.

Then, there ahead of me,  
Stood two women,
Straight and strong.
One was a Siren
The other, a Muse.

I thought hallucinations.
Perceived ideas through a ******* mind.
But alas, they were real.
I touched them and reacted.

Warned against their poison.
Their mercuric tongues.
Their stolen hearts.
Their arachidonic souls.
And their odd Tsavorite eyes.

They walked.
I followed.
Into a labyrinthine hive,
They sauntered.
Nonchalant angels,
Indifferent to my stalk.

In the centre, there lay
An abyss.
They sat on the edge
And beckoned me
I accepted, curious, yet cautious.
And through the Song of the Siren,
And the Myth of the Muse,
The blackness beckoned.

I fell, I flew to my mind’s end.
Accepted my descent, unknowingly.
The air was still. The tunnel black.
And I landed softly.
Alone. Safe. Hungry.
So, I walked to the edge.
The Siren waited. Offered her tail
And walked.

Crawled into smoke, was a Rat.
The Siren pointed, then followed
The smoke.
Rat awoke, to run to my foot,
Up my leg and towards my shoulder.

Rat pointed too,
So I walked to the edge
To appear in water.
Glistening and moist
Stood the Muse,
With a smile on her lips.

Again her tail led me,
As Rat jumped to the Muse.
We glided in the water,
Blinded in the dark,
Until we reached a cave, having dodged the rocks.

Inside, I was left,
Save for Rat.
The Muse flew off, a smile on her lips.
Drowning, by my waist, was a rodent. Erinaceous and small.
I lifted it up and placed Hedgehog on the opposite shoulder.

Hedgehog thanked me,
And showed me the way.
A niche in the rock.
We entered, all the same.

On the other side was a bed.
There lied the Siren and the Muse.
Seductive and Bare.
I was pulled forth.
Their tails were strong.
Their tongues were mercury.
Their hearts were stolen.
Their souls were arachidonic.
Their eyes were Tsavorite.
I was poisoned all along.

In vapid lust,
Morose passion,
Melancholic ecstasy,
It ended.
They have left me
Only with Rat and Hedgehog.

Here I will die.
Led to be abused.
All that shall be known
Of my boring and treacherous
Witching hour
Is this story.
I dedicate it to
The Muse,
The Siren,
Who are but one girl.
And to Rat, Hedgehog and me
Who is but one *******.
copyright of TP Flusk
(It was an attempt at a narrative poem, please give conventions as well)
Sue Dunhym May 2011
We will fall in love
And be simple, complex and
Practical. No clichés.
No stupidity and it
Will be fun and still
Be love.

I will find you gorgeous, beautiful, stunning, and other adjectives.
I will, at least, be decent.
Together we will ****, make love
And give in to intimacy
In the passing of a second
Or for as long as we can.

Our passion will be bizarre
As we surround ourselves
With incense and fire.
The smoke will gambol, balance, saunter, dance and copulate
Across your moist exposed skin;
Cocoon you.
And for a fleeting moment
The universe and I will agree
That you are perfect.

You are all I desire,
In a
My Muse and Siren
(I will write you poems whilst I crash on the rocks)

I will stare across time
And maybe see you there.
Sometimes across space I see you.

Or maybe,
Just stare
And see you
In the stars
Or the sea
Or the rain.
In my mind
One day,
You might love me
Sue Dunhym May 2011
If time is fleeting
Then life is fleeting.
Love should only last
Mere seconds.

If so
Then I dedicate
Each and every second
To you
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