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Astrid Aug 12
I like it better when some things go

In this endless drone of facts and figures,
there's not a lot left to solve.
True mysteries are precious,
not a threat to the world

So let your mind rest at ease -
Why the need to know it all?

I'd really rather you didn't tell me.
Astrid Aug 9
The ringing from the piano fades,
as I watch the dance of my trembling fingers
come to a halt.

I thought I wanted to sing
but the melodies are trapped in my throat,
and soulless

Then the notes begin to slide down the page,
no longer able to compete with the
Suffocating silence
Astrid Jul 28
Toxic people are like weeds
in some ways.
You have to cut
all their roots from
your garden or
they'll just keep coming
Astrid Jul 24
It's beautiful when
you find that dusty corner
in your memories
Astrid Jul 20
Can't you see what they're doing
As they fly high, setting their harsh beady eyes
on the desperate and vulnerable?

They pick on those so blinded by fear,
littering the skies with their lies
Watch as they fuel their prey with rage
Just to light fire for their own selfish pride.

So cover your ears when you hear
their siren-screeching;
It's nothing but a false alarm.

If we can't expose these toxic creatures,
all we'll have left is an endless debt
of broken promises, scars.
Astrid Jul 20
Everything has lost its colour,
Even on the sunny days.
I'm almost certain that the lake used to be bluer,
that your eyes used to burn brighter.

Perhaps it's just a blurry lens,
But I fear my vision's changed
Astrid Jul 20
I wish I was afraid of heights.
Or guns, or spiders. Anything.

I don't even look
both ways when I cross the road,
If I get hit,
No loss, no gain.
Anyone reading this would think I'm insane

But I am scared of one thing -
And that's my own name.
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