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Sitting atop my perch the wind howls on
While some might find it annoying
as it whips around their hair
It is a comforting feeling for me
As the others move behind glass
I stand until I am alone

Just me and the wind
and the rushing cars below
Even the harshest winds can be calming
I need to cry, shout out in frustration
That would bring attention in the city streets
and I cannot set a bad example in my uniform
I have to quietly walk these halls with a smile
As an internal storm rages on
Short but there isn't a ton of time on breaks
There is a dangerous aspect of summer

Some friends may leave for a while
and there is so much time to think of those that remain

I wish I had work today
even school sounds nice

Anything to keep my mind off of you.

With the coming of summer is the coming of time
Time to really think,
To open your heart and turn off your brain

But it's my brain that has saved my heart
I don't need another thing broken

So I stand in the tiny crowd
That wishes school would come quickly
I hate school. But it doesn't seem so bad right now...
A toddler is a giant when standing on the highest surface in a playground.
Later, reaching the top branch of a tree means a child has reached the top of their world.
Now I'm sitting on top of 12 story building and can see the tops I thousands of trees.
Shouldn't I feel like I own the world? Like everything is tiny in comparison to me?

It doesn't. Instead I feel small and so unimportant.
I can't go any higher. There is just an empty sky above.

I guess that is the result of being above what you really are.
We love to think we are fine
To live in an illusion of happiness

Something's beneath all that
I'm functioning properly,
I think...
At least to everyone else
At nights it comes out,
Or in.

I can feel everything inside collapse
nothing holding me together
no support beams, not even will.

The interior is deteriorating
Rotten beam by beam
the shell cracking.

It's only a matter of time
until the exterior crumbles
I need a shoulder to cry on but there is none.
I know I don't care
It's understood that this wont matter
that in three years this will be a stupid memory

But it still hurts when I try to talk
and you turn away
when I'm trying to be nice
and I'm simply shrugged off

I understand I'm intense
I get that I'm a huge part of the fun

But I'm more then that
Just no one wants to see it
A better time
and a sunburn later

Things aren't good here
but I have nowhere else to go

Time to tie on my shoes
and hit the road again

There's no point in trying
when there's no reward
Well, I need something to do so why not track
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