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Steven Martin May 2015
I girl biked by today, in rain
Saw her through the window pane

  My arms were crossed
      Her eyes shone glee
  Our two looks locked
      Enticing me

  Threw out a wave
      So naturally
  She waved back
      So gracefully

  The rain still falls
      Her tracks did fade
  But memories
      Her waves have made
Its raining
Steven Martin Nov 2014
Wounded lover
Wandering on the beach
There is no life here
That is no life to me
But the sand is soft on my sole

Blank gaze of the pitiless moon on my back
Speaking of things that once were
And never will be again

Soft glow of the rising sun on my breast
Oil slick reflections in the sand
Dinosaurs scavenging for sustenance

Why am I here?
Only the meaning we give it
Only the meaning we give it
Only the meaning we give it

Devoid of form

Repetition like insanity

Vortices swarm my ankles
Icy cold grip of a long lost mother

Reaching to consume her

    Blind and Reckless


There is no life I know there
Incessant drone of the pitiless waves

Soft glow of the fading moon on my breast
Her power slipping
Devoid of life
A lone rock

Warmth of the rising sun on my back
The sand is soft on my sole

Porcelain mug dangling empty in my hand
Water droplets stain my spectacles
Looking down from the staircase

Bright rays of the sun dance across the waves
To my Eyes
Water folds softly around eager rocks

Colors fade from the sky
A clear blue overhead

Clear as my soul once was

Walking on glass sprinkled streets
With numb feet

The Sand was Soft on my Sole
Written by a rambling voice walking aimlessly on the beach in the early morning after a passionate night and few hours of sleep

Translated to a poem
Steven Martin Sep 2014
Her skin
So smooth

Each curve
A groove

She walks
With mind

I search
She’ll find
Steven Martin Sep 2014
From deep within a Dream I’ve woken

From the Whispers she has Spoken

Her fingertips like Lucid shock

Before, my mind, it was like Rock

Her gentle soul
It has awoken

Deep inside
My Passion broken

With gentle care and perfect pace

She smoothes my wrinkles into place

The wisdom of the tree and star

Flows with whispers

Through my heart
Steven Martin Sep 2014

My solar plexus is really feelin
you right now
Powerfully internal longing
I mean ****
Even digital communication is
And you know how I feels

I do!!
Ergo my slight surprise

I'm missin you girl

as I feel we've indeed kept the
whole not-getting-too-sticky-
over-text communication
you're making my heart smile

I feel you from here :)
I'm trying to get up there
Before school starts I want to go
explore places with you

month left!
ample time

Start thinking of places you'd
want to check out
We could crash in the back of
my car or tent or whateva
And get mad homies to come too
But I think a lil day trip with us
soloing could be very cool

find a creek
we'll be there. only paddle
needed being yours
I just miss you on top of me,
hugging my body to yours
the feel of your shoulders

Lightly touch your neck with fingertips
As they find their way to the
roots of your hair
And I squeeze
And a hard kiss
As I stare
Deep into your eyes


I'm driving so I fear I shall stop promptly

why would you drive and talk to me -_-

Reckless lust.
Laying underneath the stars with
you in my arm
Thought fills me with warmth




As soon as
And not possible
Buenos noches
Satine dulce
Steven Martin Sep 2014
Emotions come, expressions glide
Some words emerge from deep inside
Each scratch from pen
Immortal Zen
Each Page is where it will begin

Yet secret slips,
This never ends
Steven Martin Sep 2014
The darkness Grows
My weakness Shows
As evidence of Chaos Glows
This must all be for fun
      He Knows
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