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Sterling Sakach May 2015
I am a relic from long ago,
Trapped in a new age body.
I have been called an old soul,
But these times are not for me.
I belong in an era long past.
Where love meant something,
And you don't rush through things way too fast.
Now love is just a word,
Life is a race,
And even if you scream, you are not heard.
Let me take you back.
To show you things before they went wrong.
Back to my own time, where we both belong.
Sterling Sakach May 2015
Watching from a rowboat,
Fighting to stay afloat.
I have found the perfect beauty,
And although she will never love me,
My feelings shall never fade.
I will always love this mermaid.
I know not what is right or wrong,
Only that my journey was long.
But with every stroke of the oars,
I sought out the one I adore.
I see now your smile so bright,
And I know the journey was worth the fight.
Sterling Sakach Aug 2014
Empty promises and broken dreams.
All I have and my heart's screams.
These tear filled eyes,
Are so difficult to disguise.
My mask has been shattered,
Because she is all that mattered.
My heart burned too hot,
I feel like I've been shot.
Seared, singed all that remains is ashes.
I look down at my arms and see only ****** gashes.
The pain haunts me,
And my own stupidity taunts me.
I've burned the remains of a broken heart,
So here I am, back at the start.
Sterling Sakach Jan 2014
Every day seems longer than the last,
And all I can do is think of the past.
No matter what I say or even do,
All that I can think about is you.
The way I felt like I had so much time,
Back when you were mine.
But now that time is at an end,
And all I do is lie in bed,
Always thinking of that time,
Back when you were mine.
Sterling Sakach Oct 2013
Pain, heartache, desire for death,
These are all that I have,
Since you left.
Suffering, agony, questions why,
All you left me with,
And so many lies.
You said "I love you,"
You said "I care."
But if those were true,
You would still be here.
I gave you my heart,
Already bandaged and bruised.
Never did I think,
It would be so abused.
My dreams are dust.
Our promises, now ash.
But where others gave lust,
I gave only love.
I cared for you,
And helped you through
All of those things,
That you could not do.
I'm too late.
I couldn't change.
But I tried.
Yet, instead of being your man,
I cried.
Sterling Sakach Jan 2013
Each morn, as I rise with the sun,
I wait, only for the One.
The angel of my dreams,
The vanquisher of screams.
The moon on a starless night,
A truly stunning sight.
All I have is hers,
And all I want is her.
I am nourished by her smile,
For which I would travel miles.
But words can never truly express
The amount of love that I address.
Sterling Sakach Sep 2012
One last kiss,
One last embrace.
Then I go,
A new world to face.
A world of fighting,
A world of fears.
A world of sorrow,
And a world of tears.
But this world is my home,
I cannot escape!
But I cannot just cry,
Let my shoulders drape.
So I will dream of a better world,
A world without screaming,
A world without hate.
My world must end,
A new one to take its place,
But I will not go with it,
I will find my escape.
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