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Stephen Williams Oct 2010
"Are you even listening?"
She asks me.

I look up,
And make eye contact
Only briefly.

I am at a loss for words.

I haven't the heart
To tell her
She has the
Nicest ****
I've ever seen.
Stephen Williams Oct 2010
Despite what most people
Will tell you,
You're beautiful just the way
You are.

Most professionals
Are crackpots.
Dedicated to Kurt Vonnegut
Stephen Williams Oct 2010
The people I know
Can kindly go **** a goat.
No, seriously.
Stephen Williams Oct 2010
I was given empty space.
So I filled it with
Noise and cigarette smoke,
Empty liquor bottles
And claustrophobia.
Stephen Williams Oct 2010
This morning I broke open
Some bic pens
And arted
All over myself.

It's funny how everything
Looks like canvas
When you swallow
Enough pills.
Dedicated to Anna Mihm

— The End —