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Stefan Michener Oct 2016
(Zion Saga, Part 2)

Sister, you know what it's like
it has more than just one purpose
it makes an evil sight, mighty

I shake it, make it wiggle, arouse your ambition
entertain you, enthrall you, quake you
eat up this inadequate competition

For you my rod can dance
for you my staff's enhanced
now come with me, baby
tonight's your only chance

I was aroused by the Bush
glorified and given the Push
now it's you who needs my push

You move with me in ecstasy
I'm seeing red as my staff I ****** upward
I hear your sighs over the rampart's falls

We've come together to another place
the intensity of our love kept us together
and my magic Rod put wonder on your face
Stefan Michener Oct 2016
A gashed and gaping pumpkin burns
emits a rancid rotting odor
greeting pre-diabetic heathens

Black cats and screeching bats
startle the littlest of the munchers
in a city decayed by blood and rust

A bridge tilted by a millimeter
lords over rushing river and splinters
struts in metal fashion before the storm

Gladiators hallucinate between concussions
Lions and christians and furry huns
leap from alleys and dumpsters and gutters

Bands play and march and dazzle
rippling brass and silver on a field
before brazen cheering plebians

Hear the song of a thousand dreams
a thousand shouts singing out of key
uncertainty brings the cacophony down an octave

Presidential box matches the drapes
Imagination finishes the vision of a short
master stroke invoking the myth of the tyrant

Setting sun on an amateur showdown  
in the shadow of an errant arc
choking the last gasps from a senile warrior

Passing boredom in a controlled climate
Cringes in a backseat with no batteries
dying echoes of "are we there yet...."

Babies and mental patients despair
over loss of closeness and peace
disappeared into dystopic hysteria

Hobbits and goblins and Big Bird frolics
in a sanitized concept of Hell
among treats and smiles and winks
Stefan Michener Oct 2016
(Zion Saga, Part 1)

I, like the bush,
I burn from inside out
But do not be afraid
My spirit is an ardent flame
Listen to my essence shout

Come now, up to my plateau
Up here, where the wild ones go
You'll yearn to let your inhibitions go
And learn to let your feelings show

Look into my woody thicket
Stare into its sinewy essence
Here and now, my prickly presence
Exists only for you

I, like the bush,
Mesmerize, with smokeless flame
Analyze, saying, "YOU are to blame!"
Hypnotize, your awestruck eyes
Criticize, recreate, shed your shame
I'll send you, with a push

Red-gold, hot licks glowing
To heaven, ember angels soaring
Your soul's strength restoring
The Spirit in you, you adoring

You now, are burning alive
But you are not afraid
For a force of you I have made
You are standing on sacred ground
Stefan Michener Sep 2016
I followed your trail of tears
to the watchtower on top of the hill;
but its rampart looks inward
and it mocks your other mother's womb

It's a monument to hatred and control
It strikes the hearts of the ignorant
in a cloudless moon-filled night,
alive with exotic eyes and invisible spooks

I'll take away your confusion and fear
I'll take away your paranoia and pain

I promised a kingdom waiting for you
If you're living on pennies and prayers
I promised satisfaction tomorrow
If you're hungry tonight

And because you cry yourself to sleep
I grant you a sunrise of laughter
You'll come when I call you
I'll take away these manufactured blues,

Bask in triumph over wickedness and rules
Your kingdom is paved with my intentions;
Come meet your new boss,
kinder and gentler than the old boss

I'll take away your hate and hunger
I'll take away the rain and rage

When I was hungry I took your food
When I was thirsty I took your water
I gave you manna, the wonder of wanderings
I gave you wine, the miracle of madness

I'll choke you with smooth soft hands
I'll smother you under a ton of feathers
and with a promise to join me today
I'll leave you hanging beside my cross

I'll take away your confusion and fear
I'll take away your paranoia and pain
I'll take away your hate and hunger
I'll take away the rain and rage
Stefan Michener Aug 2016
An alarm arrives like a storm through
leaves and petals -- not a cry nor a
wail -- a Tarzan yell, soulfully blue.

This exhalation, an incision parts the flora,

signals strength and the brave crash through
leaves and petals -- not a cry nor a

shout -- a command to a holy war, deja vu!
Don't reason, don't doubt; our unity
signals strength and the brave crash through

walls of oppression, injustice, and iniquity.
Leave judgment for history, glory for the survivors!
Don't reason, don't doubt; our unity

shall overcome the rants of disloyal liars,
who succumb to cowardice disguised as reasons!
Leave judgment for history, glory for the survivors!

Bury the past, honor the call! Onward Legions,
to exterminate the foreigners of another faith!
The final solution, a resolution: Heed the heathen's
wail -- a Tarzan yell, soulfully blue!
Stefan Michener Aug 2016
The flies have finally flown away
from the desiccated pieces of s*
lying around the courthouse

If I were in Saudi Arabia
I would be beheaded
******, the butterfly started

Dropping off on the lavender
puppies need to work on their camouflage
getting off

tomato plants,
monstrous in their own dwarfish way
march toward me at the bedroom window

Now I enter the guest room
the scene has changed dramatically
it's dark

there's a moaning almost
but actually a droning
the air purifier in the corner

great sleeping
White Noise
Jesus I could sleep for Generations

Now I'm pacing
I'm pacing up and down the hallway
back and forth

between the bedroom and the living room
and now here I am
finally in the solitary of my office

I look at my Wi-Fi printer
working great by the way
I admire its beauty

hardly any dust on it or static
I wipe the dust off
very beautiful

I look at the flickering lights
cable modem coming into the house
that is not the only religion
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