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StarDust Mar 2014
We never ended did we?
We moved on
We started over
But we never ended
I know we will see each other again
I know my heart will fill with love and fear
Then melt in my chest
Not broken just gone
I long for the death of my heart
And I fear it
StarDust Aug 2013
I was born with a soft pink shell and I shall die with a soft pink shell
I'd build a thick hard wall around myself
Layer over layer
No one can hurt me in here
But someone always found a way in
Slowly and surely
Chipping away
Soft and pink again
The loop continues over and over
I will always be weak and frail
No matter how I try
StarDust Aug 2013
Some days I think I've finally forgotten you
I wake up and realise you're gone
then the irony of that thought makes me hate you.
StarDust Aug 2013
He looks at me
in that way that men are supposed to look at women
my eyes sparkle for him
they are stage lights, they dazzle him
blinding him
to the fact that he is not the one
I wish he was
I wish he wouldn't fall in love with me
my heart can't be healed by him
because it's no longer in my chest
it's been taken away
I hear him whisper the words
I pretend to fall asleep in his arms
no reply
then one day my pulse quickens just a little
my eyes sparkle without me telling them too
my laugh is real
he has not healed my heart
but I feel the emptiness less
maybe if I let him
he can make me real again

— The End —