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standingstiill Dec 2013
in the silence I hear your voice
it is ingrained in my soul
from the hours we've spent talking on the phone
telling stories
sharing secrets
hearing the slow inhaling and exhaling
as my loving words fill your lungs
and as yours fill mine
there is a pause
it is the most beautiful silence
although nothing is spoken aloud,
the void is not empty
listen closely to that deafening silence
not for a voice
not for the sound of lungs collapsing and expanding
but for the underlying truth behind everything spoken and unspoken between us
for what doesn't need to be said
for what is understood
for what is felt
for three simple words
*I love you
standingstiill Dec 2013
full of secrets
full of lies
full of tears
full of fears
full of hatred and anger
full of pain and sorrow
full of longing
full of hopes and dreams
full of sleepless nights
never to be opened
standingstiill Dec 2013
You're more beautiful and more distant than the stars.

I can only look at you from a distance. I'm too afraid and lonely to explore the stars, confused and alone. So I'll sit on the coast and admire from a distance. And whenever I see a shooting star, I'll imagine it's for me, when in reality, it isn't.
written by a dear friend
standingstiill Dec 2013
Find someone who traces the lines in your hands just to feel close to you
And someone who believes the ocean is trapped in your eyes
Find someone who loves the bones in your body
And loves the skin that you live in
Find someone who will help you love yourself
Someone you deserve
I'm here
this was written for me by a very dear friend
standingstiill Nov 2013
I look into your eyes
And see an all too familiar sight
Deep in the emerald sea of your irises
Lies a forest with towering height
Trees sway in an imaginary breeze
Like wheat in an open field
Yet they stand anchored to the ground
Making unsuspecting onlookers yield
Your strength, at first sight,
May be frightening, I know
But to see the love and kindness underneath
Be patient and wait for it to show
For the flowers in your eyes,
They take a while to bloom
And until they come out of hiding,
Their beauty one must assume

I look into your eyes**
At the dark and gloomy sky
All I see are clouds; no sun
I stop and wonder why
Your thoughts lie in those clouds
What memories do they hold?
Joyful, somber, scared, excited
How many secrets have they been told?
Beneath your thoughts; a river
Flowing gently, trickling down
Making the most beautiful of music
Singing songs at which no one will frown
That river is not for swimming
Through it run the songs of your past
Upon listening, one can hear
Lingering words; feelings that last
standingstiill Nov 2013
in my mind:
everyone is watching
their eyes glued to my scarred wrists
my scars start to burn
they won't look away

in reality:
no one even sees me
the girl with the cuts on her wrists
standingstiill Nov 2013
I woke up this morning
with sadness all throughout my body
and I wondered for the thousandth time
if I could make it through the day

— The End —