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Nov 2017 · 139
Srijit Panja Nov 2017
be mine.
just for a night,

o' peace!
Nov 2017 · 148
Srijit Panja Nov 2017
the mirror questions your whereabouts?
Nov 2017 · 173
Srijit Panja Nov 2017
those loved letters.
i loved letters.
Nov 2017 · 129
Srijit Panja Nov 2017
your mind is the
most successful entity.
it has reached places
that your life.
can't even imagine.
Nov 2017 · 122
dear heart
Srijit Panja Nov 2017
let's die.
into a life tonight.
Nov 2017 · 131
sayings of a mind. 17/11
Srijit Panja Nov 2017
hardly do i encounter days.
which don't
turn a teacher.

--- mind
Nov 2017 · 127
Srijit Panja Nov 2017
i am hate.
i stay in your heart.
Nov 2017 · 105
Srijit Panja Nov 2017
be it hostile.
it's still a heart.
Oct 2017 · 227
Srijit Panja Oct 2017
the greatest joy. is in winning.
in spite of.
not failing . to be yourself.
Oct 2017 · 363
Srijit Panja Oct 2017
take care.
cause you are the one
who lives so beautifully.
for you.
Oct 2017 · 115
Srijit Panja Oct 2017
this life is but a struggle
to become.
Oct 2017 · 94
Srijit Panja Oct 2017
i don't know whether
you deserve
the rose. or
the thorn.

but whichever
thing. i press against you
will give you red.
like the days you gave me.

---- take. from your love.
Oct 2017 · 103
Srijit Panja Oct 2017
my love grows
like a flower.

cracking the soil
of my heart.

--- heartbreak
Oct 2017 · 160
out of gravity
Srijit Panja Oct 2017
does the world
reside in your eyes?
and i live outside it?
cause whenever i
see into them,
neither do i find
sorrow. nor love. nor hatred.
for me.

i see indifference.
as if unknown to the gravity
of your world.
i am.
Oct 2017 · 142
Srijit Panja Oct 2017
gift me a night. if you can.
the one i see in your eyes.
when. you are happy
in pain.
Oct 2017 · 111
Srijit Panja Oct 2017
i don't know, how soft looks like.
since heartbreak.

--- strong
Oct 2017 · 577
like a poem
Srijit Panja Oct 2017
there's rhythm
in your fall.

your defeat is so graceful.

--- like a poem
Oct 2017 · 117
Srijit Panja Oct 2017
poem is my place.
i win there. each day.

Oct 2017 · 112
Srijit Panja Oct 2017
you are the greatest.
expedition. of all earth.

be the vagabond
of yourself.
Oct 2017 · 180
Srijit Panja Oct 2017
in my flow.
it doesn't break barriers.
but the water itself breaks.
into poems. immortal.

--- flow
Oct 2017 · 122
Srijit Panja Oct 2017
the closest home near you. is you.
Oct 2017 · 126
you can't erase end
Srijit Panja Oct 2017
for even a flower.
a bud is better.

for the fact that. how beautiful it be.
growing. is growing to death.

--- you can't erase end.
Oct 2017 · 87
Srijit Panja Oct 2017
i see each dawn.
how my night. grows into morning.
i don't see it as flower.
blooming from bud.

i see it as my young. growing to old.

my night is a poem.
my poem. of all poems, i write.
i see it aging. each morning.
i see it dying. each morning.
Oct 2017 · 160
how would it be?
Srijit Panja Oct 2017
how would it be.
if my home had been. in the claw
of a sparrow ?
the bag. three rooms.
music. and me.
there --- so tiny. yet free.

---- how would it be?
Oct 2017 · 113
Srijit Panja Oct 2017
maybe the world had been planning
since billion years.

to bring me born one day.

meteor showers.
big bang. breaking stars.
were all designed.
such that i could take birth.

in events. they conspired my birth.
to time. they wrote my coming.

(you never know)
Oct 2017 · 276
Srijit Panja Oct 2017
fall. die. bloom.
but live in yourself.
Oct 2017 · 144
i lived in me
Srijit Panja Oct 2017
i fear to erode from myself.
the roots are brittle now.
it has been old.
since my birth. to my fall.
and bloom again in esteem.
it looked like home.
the closest home. near me.

// i lived in me.
Oct 2017 · 106
Srijit Panja Oct 2017
bring me an honest door.
to leave my letter. safe.
Srijit Panja Oct 2017
one day
i will be so good.
that the stars i look upon
this night. will descend to
my hands themselves.
and in the distance they cross.
to reach me. i will expand to
a height gracefully.
i have always dreamt of.

there will be stories
behind each inch of those
height and distance.
which i will never confide.

instead i would just smile.
like i have always done.
and finally say to myself
'you have reached. congrats.'

--- happiness. of their descent.
Oct 2017 · 153
physics. but poems.
Srijit Panja Oct 2017
my poems
are illegal children
of a science student.

--- physics. but poems.
Oct 2017 · 113
Srijit Panja Oct 2017
i smell of roses
in my wasteland.

--- hope
Oct 2017 · 124
of confused choices
Srijit Panja Oct 2017
there is a gulit.
of not doing the thing
you never wanted to do.

and doing the thing
with which this soul
sleeps as lovers.

--- of confused choices.
Oct 2017 · 113
Srijit Panja Oct 2017
there's a hill. in you.
of wastes of your life.
of deeds and dreams.
and talent so sharp.

you know.
in building a mountain.
you built an wasteland
out of yourself.

--- wasteland
Oct 2017 · 97
Srijit Panja Oct 2017
i hate to see hills falling.
they signify. my best days.

--- drowning.
Oct 2017 · 121
you. a dream.
Srijit Panja Oct 2017
in the moment
of my sliding into sleep.
the half closed eyes
rise to look at your beauty.
uncensored. innocent. and calm.
like the days, i loved you
in present tense.

--- you. a dream.
Sep 2017 · 89
to a friend's parents.
Srijit Panja Sep 2017
now that i'm a bird.
a little broken. wings -- leave it.
now that i fly beyond codes.
beyond races and worries
of drowning into the sky.
sea it is. sky, i think.
now that i gloriously
fail. and cry invisibly. and
it hurts and bleeds to
see worms growing
over an author of ruins.

some days touch back.
like the slow writing of
letters this night. soft they are.
calm, and old. i get the pain
of happiness, that people say.

rare they are. but happens.

one was today.
my nest. the other place
where maybe somehow
my mind lived in love.
of comforts. of peace, though short lived.
but feather.
my creations were loved. cheered.
i first dared to fly.
from that nest.

and i remember it today.

there were times.
they put miles in my eyes
so beautifully.
my old leaves. talks. were
praised bright. though i knew
they were dull.

and i realize it now.

this morning.
the verandah lay still.
my fear it was. my cry it was.
i wanted to escape.
the father, whom i once... leave it.

words choke this night.
i would weep saying the father
who hugged that day saying
'you are a director'. to me. of all souls.
i stand weak in front of him
i write more. i write much these days.
i wanted to tell him.
spend hours telling him what i do,
that the world doesn't know.
neither encourages, nor pats for.

i knew he would listen.
don't tell me wrong, when i say, he loves me the same. even now.
i know he would listen so patiently.
but i neither had the walk
nor the way to confront him
and say 'uncle, i still write'.

(pains of happiness)
--- to a friend's parents.
Sep 2017 · 101
Srijit Panja Sep 2017
i love for looks. and.
i look for love.

Sep 2017 · 127
see me, stand up
Srijit Panja Sep 2017
behind the doors
in the thaw, fire sets in.
like dew, these tears
speak so mild. of mercy.
to let go. to quit.
there are winds within
and storms that these
lungs exhale.
of mess, to atoms,
this walk destines to abyss.

the stories. of miles.
are cutters.
they cut my body.
and spit my soul to corners.
never to come back maybe.

calm, i am.
a land of wait.
wait. wait till i quit quitting
the sense of living.
wait till my time comes,
which i will create. breaking clocks.
breaking clocks of mortals.
of minds and boredom.

wait till breath accumulates
to burst into rebellion
against self. against you.
for keeping yourself down.
to bear stares and clouds.
demons will face demons.
of goodness they will be.
of life. of height which i make.

bring a pair of necks.
to see me stands again that day.
if one gets broken. bending upto
my height. the other would
get to see my tears
of walking again into
fairest times of mine.

fairest. that had never been created.

---- see me, stand up.
Sep 2017 · 128
my heart
Srijit Panja Sep 2017
the white coat's a fake.
the charcoal still
and burns.

--- my heart
Sep 2017 · 118
Srijit Panja Sep 2017
in this run. that's God.
only the course needs
to change.
Sep 2017 · 93
Srijit Panja Sep 2017
this is the time.
birds fill grains
into my hollow bones.
they peck my sense,
fly my body.
rest in my soul.
and chirp in my poems.
words they are.
and me ?

--- their night.
Sep 2017 · 127
Srijit Panja Sep 2017
help me drown
into this
rise of self.

--- reincarnation
Sep 2017 · 92
Srijit Panja Sep 2017
this blank.
is made up of

times. miles. and love.
last one -- stagnant.
blank for you.

blanket for me.
Sep 2017 · 137
home calling
Srijit Panja Sep 2017
let there be.
no body
for peace.

just me, you.
this air.
and absence.

--- home calling.
Sep 2017 · 176
to the newcomer
Srijit Panja Sep 2017
watch your step
before you fall.

this heart.
has already been
dug into open graves.
where dead moments. live.
take your time.
to give me blanks. to heal.
fill your mind.
and then jump

to this love.
that will be waiting
to embrace you.

--- to the newcomer
Sep 2017 · 104
Srijit Panja Sep 2017
the exile is better than home.

--- on the way of homecoming.
Sep 2017 · 142
coming of love
Srijit Panja Sep 2017
were born from
the love of
two winters.
a wildflower.
of cold

Sep 2017 · 152
ways of dying
Srijit Panja Sep 2017
there has been growth.
in this fall into graveyards.

(ways of dying)

from gospel of mind.
Sep 2017 · 150
Srijit Panja Sep 2017
in both the stations.
i found anonymity.
one. in love.
another in strength.

--- tired. of 12/9/17
Sep 2017 · 113
Srijit Panja Sep 2017
i will read a poem.
for him. one day.
the man
who writes. for all.
to death. to jesus.
to winds within.

i will write for him.
after the ink ends.
after the want sleeps.
to reason. again.
there's no need.

--- stop. 9/9/17
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