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SparksLC Oct 2013
Is a cold, trickling path
Discreetly laced with relentless failures and nearly impossible victories;
Set in place, for its travelers to painfully bear;
With a road that leads to chaos, and with which this chaos breeds a new form of humanity…
We are called The Animals.
Fighting, bleeding, and dying for survival.
Pushing and pulling desperately at the strings attached to our backs,
Hoping and praying someone will magically appear, and cut our fate bearing threads of life.
Forevermore we curse those with power, and at the same time we cling to them.
Wishing and pleading, that these oh, so powerful beings,
can heal our never-ending, anguish and turmoil.
And yet these beings, these God’s request remittance from their people.
Forever draining them of the precious life they held so tightly onto,  
Eternally controlled in a puppet master society,
Afraid to speak up, out, or against the string holders;
Fearful that if their inner most thoughts are heard,
They’ll lose what small bit of freedom they have left.
these animals,
these BEASTS,
Are forever muted in fear,
Of this double-edged sword of reality.
And yet they still continue to grow.

© 2012 SparksLC
~Let's all find ways to live and grow in this jungle of life; for we can only push ourselves forward~
SparksLC Oct 2013
Forcibly locked into one’s own time.
A frozen hourglass sits by the wall,
Waiting and wondering when the sands of time will begin to move.
Lost, and alone.
What determination does this inanimate object have left?
A tree,
Forever growing and changing,
Yet it’s forced to bear an inevitable fate,
of being eternally tied to one single place in the world.
Such is the human act of devotion and loyalty
What is this loyalty?
Chains twirling effortlessly, trapping any who step within its path?
The ability to immensely place one’s trust within another familiar being?
Is it an obligation?
A need?
A want?
Is it indefinite?
Or temporary
When the sands of time begin to move, will loyalty and devotion have run its course?
What is the vow of human nature?
What is the truth of what cannot be attained by mankind?
In a constantly changing world,
who holds all the bearings?
Who controls time, and fate?
Do we throw ourselves into our own pits of fire?
In our never-changing world,
Who freezes the time we thrive to set in motion?
This is a fight between the seen and the unseen.
Forever waging an impossible war,
which destiny holds all the possible outcomes to.
Death forging life,
Life forging death.
Round and round this cycle of frozen time and fate spin
Will it ever stop?

© 2012 SparksLC
" Sometimes you can't avoid the unavoidable things in life, for another hand controls what we cannot. "
SparksLC Oct 2013
Took away my life,
my love,
my heart,
my soul.
What more is there of me?
A mere image,
for people to stare at?
Dull looking eyes,
for people to wonder about?
Sad frown not smile,
that people talk about?
Am I just a toy?
T for troubled
O for out there
Y for young
Out there
What does that mean
the words of toy
1 word
1 syllable
20th of alpha
15th of alpha
25th of alpha
is it me
of course
i am troubled
the first letter of toy
20th of alpha
I am out there
the second letter of toy
15th of alpha
and i am young
the last letter of toy
25th of alpha
I have nothing.
No meaning,
no heart,
no soul,
No life.
I'm merely a hollow mannequin, moving effortlessly throughout everyday life.
My reason to be happy,
want to live and actually smile,
is GONE.
My world has fallen down, and I'm standing infront of a broken mirror,
what I did wrong.
What did..I do wrong?
I loved you,
I was happy with you,
but that happiness is a faded, broken memory now.
Lost in the sands of time,
my originality dies.
What do I do now?
Everything hurts.
Everything's empty, and boring.
Life is lonely,
Hear me!
Hear my sorrow.
Falling to my knees,
screaming out in pain;
for what that was left of me
has been

© 2011 SparksLC
This is a pretty old poem I wrote in 2011. It's one of my favorites from that time. Hope you like it!
SparksLC Oct 2013
Welcome to my mystery
Shrouded full of lies and deceit.
Antagonizing and oh so manipulative,
That’s right,
Welcome to my world.
There’s no cotton candy here,
No softly spoken comforters.
My world is full of truth.
So rich, bold, and beautiful.
So agonizingly gorgeous, that I’m stuck here
Crying myself to sleep.
Consistent days of loneliness,
Never-ending unhappiness,
Is there anything else that can go wrong?
“Talk to me”, I scream
"LISTEN to me”, I plead
But in a world so full of untruth, who is there left to hear me?
Who is traveling through the muck and slime,
Still trying to make their way through,
This consumable hell.
The light of falsehood, shines brightly above my head.
Where’s the honesty?
Where’s the truth?
In this lost and abandoned world of mine….
Where is the life?
Covered by such a unrecognizable darkness,
Forever hidden beneath the clouds,
Are the desires of truth that we seek.
So breathe,
And just inhale it.
For there is no alternative solution,
Whilst dining in such a hell.

© 2012 SparksLC
~How the wonders of life amaze me, and yet how they disappoint me so~
SparksLC Oct 2013
I wonder, why do I wonder?…
Why does this heart of mine quiver so sadly?
The loneliness and angst have cut deep into my soul.
I’ve yet to know what I really thrive to become anymore.
The breath that once healed my many wounds has left…
Abandoned me for another,
As have they all.
To explain the pain I feel, would take more than what I am.
But then I wonder….
What am I?
Who’ve I become?
Emotions tangle day by night,
Uncertainty and Animosity have become part of what I used to call home.
There is now a door that never closes.
Memories that never fade,
Only yet which stays...
Is an ache that seems to never dissipate.
A flurry of words,
A scream of impatience,
Frustration blooms greedily within my dark heart…
Not a day has passed where regret has not been my solemn friend.
Lost within this steel box I am…
Drowning beneath my own sorrows…
Such tears which plaster paper,
Distort my black river of blood.
Though ice cold, does this continue to move forward
All whilst I cry out for help,
I plead for a savior,
Come save me from myself.
This Darkness has taken me hostage…
Shall I forever be this lost?
This lonely?
This Angry?
Please, Someone…
Save me...
Before the seams of life strangle me so.
Already have I succumbed to the changes,
These demons have overwhelmed me.
Tranquil thoughts have gone,
Leaving emptiness in its wake.
Time passes ever slowly,
Forcing the day to drag itself out.
Thrown into work I go,
Whilst forever avoiding what pains me so.
How corrupt I've  become,
Forever fearing what I cannot confront.
Forever screaming what I wish to say.
And yet...
No one shall ever hear these cries,
for behind such a tainted window,
Lies no survivors.
And so, the door shall close,
locking inside what must never be set free.
Forevermore shall these be hidden,
Until I am ready to reveal,
The turmoil I have gone through.
Though until then,
The lock shall remain in place.
And maybe one day,
The light shall shine once more...

© 2012 SparksLC
SparksLC Oct 2013
So lost, do I feel...
That what I once knew, will no longer appear.
Terror racks me deep inside,
Forever yearning what once stayed close by my side.
Desperation has bloomed beside my feet...
For what I most need.
With pen and paper taut by my side,
Shall my will continue to thrive,
Afore the ink in my pen dares to dry.
This mere extension of myself,
Paints the colors of my soul.
Of what one will never know,
'Till the new becomes the old.

Too long have these words gone unsaid,
Tainting the many pure thoughts, that have swam through my head.
Trapped deep within my heart so dear,
All of my passions, now contorted with fear.
Curiosity forever sealed within its cage,
Desperately wishing to be saved.
A key-less lock hangs loosely,
Taunting those it may.
Holding the door of my prism open, yet preventing any escape
As my lifelong dreams bitterly scream my name.

I cringe,
Shying away from the guilt.
For locking away my desires
And abandoning my will.

Will you ever forgive me?
For leaving you so alone
To gather up dust and grime,
And wander without a home.

Will I ever forgive me,
For deserting my only hope.
Locking it deep within my soul,
Till my hand moved once more.
Spreading my blood across the parchment,
Forever earning my own name.
Holding tight onto reality,
Unwilling to look fantasy in the face.
Creating the key to my own prism,
Will I protect this sacred place.
Sword and shield,
'Til infinity fades,
Do I vow.

© 2013 SparksLC
Hello all. It's been quite a while since I've written anything. My hdd fried about 8 or so months ago, and the loss of most of my work devastated me more than I realized. The pain was so real, I avoided my writing so that I wouldn't have to face rebuilding what I worked so ******* from the ground up. I didn't realize how long it had been since I'd written anything until I started to fear that I was losing my skill as a writer. This poem is a depiction of everything I've been feeling for months. I do apologize if it's not as good as my other works, but it's been quite a while since my pen dared to touch paper. Please R&R; and let me know what you think! Thank you!

— The End —