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The worst pain,
Is the hurt that no one can see.
So fck it, i just smile.
How do you survive in this world full of so much Pain.
Even to love gives one Pain.
To be happy.
You must first be sad.
Being sad means one is hurting within.
To hurt is the most painful.
Pain is killing.  
I give much love to all who makes it out alive.
And even those who do, still die.
Tonight there's a full moon, you know what that means; No i dont.
Missing you so much, im loving you harder, with more meaning of our love.
Come home, My love.  
Its a random night tonight, its been a full moon every night.
Come home, My love.
Our Night , when your home.
Tonight its a full moon, you know what that means; Another Blessed, Beautiful Night.
My love, come home.
There is no extent to loving.
Which is were "*random*"comes in.
I was outside, seen the full moon & wondered what that meant when its being said. Beside myths & fiction stories, nothing. But not thinking to hard , i just  thought of how much i miss and love you. I don't care what a full moon means, i just want you home.
If I'm different,
why does the word "comparison"
fit in The Me category.
I compare and I relate.
But believe The Me is different.
The Truth is The Me.
To relate and compare, but understand.
"Good is good & Bad is bad", says I.
The Me always finds the good out of the bad and understands ,that the means of bad & good are what The Me decides them to define.
Because of understanding, the control that one has to deciding and feeling. The Me is different.  
but "I" am sometimes misled, because of the comparison between one and I; the situation.
So "I" am misled and become "them" who decide and feel the same.
But not for long.
The reality is people loose themselves, based on the definition in a book or what comes out of another's mouth,
about what things are good and what things are bad.
Because The Me understands its truthful independence, on deciding & feeling from within ones own soul; Im Different
The Me is the real me.
"I" is the, sometimes confused.
I am different I am The Me
And only I understand Me.

— The End —