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Soma Mukherjee Dec 2011
I am fire i am ice
lil sugar more spice
few virtues few vice
in your want in your need
for your soul for your greed
But i am every thing you are not yet ready for

I am black i am  white
i may kiss i may bite
screaming days squealing night
in your want in your need
for your soul for your greed
but i am every thing you are not yet ready for

I am drought i am rain
all the pleasures and some pain
make you smile drive you insane
in your want in your need
for your soul for your greed
but i am everything you are not yet ready for
Soma Mukherjee Dec 2011
lying on a beach soaking up the sun
and travelling between my future and my past
I think I spend too much time
Fighting the long gone years
cursing all those who hurt me
nursing soul scars
the sad bitter moments of my past taught me a lot
but I think I am ready
and all those moments need  a proper burial

often on a road lost in my thoughts
I stumble upon some pebbles from way back
gather them and ponder over them for hours
not gaining from them anymore
but still just brooding over the never dying past
how will it go
oh how will it if i don’t let it leave
I think i am ready now
and all those moments need a proper burial

I will find a place and howl them out
vent those unhappy smokes
wash my soul, clear my heart
create space for new thoughts
forgiving and forgetting is not going to be easy
but I will have to learn to move on with what ever I have had
today I am sure
today I am ready
and all those moments will be given a proper burial
Soma Mukherjee Dec 2011
The day I was born
much before that
my death was scripted.
with the ink of that moment
my spark was bathed
And with death in my destiny
and all the experience gained
I was born one day

                                         one look at life
                                         and  I forgot all that I brought
                                       I will now not know till that moment
                                       how close I am to my death today

if I could ask my soul
I would, of my death,
and she may even  tell me
when and where
but it would be then
defeat of the purpose of life
And strain the love
life and death share

                                       so till that day when I no longer breathe
                                       I shall breathe and dream of life
                                       and wonder if we can ever cheat death.
Soma Mukherjee Sep 2011
The king and the queen

And a few bleeding pawns

Fractured souls and bodies

The victors and the defeaters

Standing all alone

Wails deafening the cheers

Oh the game of chess

When played by Rooks*

What a mess.
*rooks-chariot, indicating war
(en passant; a term of chess, also means when we are talking about something else, terrorism,war and wounded life)
Soma Mukherjee Aug 2011
Long long ago                     
In a faraway land
Lived a frog named
Mr. Stikitung Grand

Near a meander
In his little mud house
In rain you could hear him Croak,
Looking for a spouse

Rains came and went
But he never got a single mate
He tried every trick a frog could
Still no one fell for his bait

He would keep
Harnessing his vocals
Polishing his webbed digits and
Perfecting his focal

While his efforts were appreciated
And some found it cute
The girls still went out
With the true frogs, the slimy smooth

With Mr. Grand being so different
All warts and moles
Others wondered how
He would ever father tadpoles

Mr. Grand with his huge eyes
And big mouth could do very little
All these hurdles made Him
Too depressed and shittle

While there were uncertainties
Looming large on his life
Fellow amphibians were betting
On his chances of getting a wife

For termites said the caecilians
Calling others to join the hoot
For worms said salamander and
For cricket said the newt.

On the fateful day Mr. Grand got fed up
And was waiting to call it a night
When he heard a hiss
Loud enough to give him a fright

Hello said the snake why are you
In such a spiritual gloom
Come let us find out someone
Who can help you groom

Frog was surprised at snake’s kindness
And overwhelmed at his warmth
While his kinds were busy ridiculing him
Snakes words soothed him like a balm

At first he was cautious and
Kept a safe distance from the snake
But the snake kept saying he was hurt
That Mr. Grand still took his efforts as fake

I have nothing to lose thought Mr. Grand
And reached out for the help
Yum thought the snake and gulped Mr. Grand
Before he could think or yelp

Salamanders, newts, all of his fellow beings
Saw this but not a single tear was shed
Guess this comes with living a life
So cold blooded

There was a crocodile, who saw it all
Hidden behind a pier
Some say he was the only one who
Did shed some tears.
Soma Mukherjee Aug 2011
Just when I thought monsoons have finally arrived
To soak my parched soul with hope and love
It was all gone with the wind
Oh she is such a tease, the cloud
All her dark promises of heaven
All her soothing whispers
All the anticipation of thirst quenching showers
All blown away at the first caress of breeze
While the breeze and the cloud sway to the music
And flash their passion so candidly
I am left to sweat it out all alone
In my hot and humid shack
And While I thank God for all the free sauna
It wouldn’t hurt to have an occasional mud pack.
Soma Mukherjee Jul 2011
Daddy Longlegs was sitting on his net and browsing through his past
He wanted to do something which would make him big pretty fast

He looked around and saw a fly buzzing around
Suddenly his brain was shaken by ideas abound

Hi said Daddy longlegs, it’s nice to see you miss fly
Do come to my web and give it a try

I am well aware of my ill reputation
That is why am sending you an open invitation

Bring in media if you still have some doubts
I hope it will douse your fears if you have them as scouts

Hesitant at first the fly still agreed to meet
She never knew a spider can be so generous and sweet

Fly was warned of spider’s ill intentions and of the agendas hidden
But isn’t there a charm in exploring the forbidden!

I will bring in some reporters said the confident fly
That should take care of the spider’s greed and make him shy

In front of a huge crowd fly stepped in on the web
Daddy longlegs grabbed the fly before she could ebb

Crunch munch he ate the fly in front of the crowd so huge
People were shocked but still stood like a stooge

Daddy longlegs was arrested later and sent to a jail
Where he wrote a book on life in prison and law being frail

The book generated lot of interest and became a best seller
It got lot of publicity as it was written by a spider so Heller

Daddy got pardoned as fly knowing all willingly fell in his trap
Hence it was declared a suicide and the case against him was scrapped

I guess dark is alluring as Daddy’s website has become quite a hit
But there are people who throng the site just for the silken threads and their steely grit.
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