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soft Feb 6
It is on regretful nights such as these
that not even the moon will show me her face
I messed up again
soft Jan 16
I feel that with and without love, we tend to go insane
Whether we find that love and lose it, or if we never find it at all
nothing but insanity would describe the feeling
soft Jan 8
You broke my heart into a thousand pieces,
and all I could think about was how I could make you feel better
We are not the same
soft Dec 2022
At what point does this all become a willful dive to the bottom.
I can’t be blameless forever,
This probably isn’t poetry anymore. Just an anonymous cry for help xo
soft Dec 2022
There is so little of me left,
and yet so many holes to fill.
Will I ever be whole?
soft Dec 2022
At what point in my life did I decide that after being born into pain, it is the life I must choose forever?
soft Nov 2022
My fingers are stiff and my legs ache
I have a hunched spine, molded into a defeatist stance
My legs threaten to buckle beneath me
and my knees crack more than ever
My head is pounding as my brain begs me to waive the white flag to finally be done
No more, they wail. Screaming to be put out of their misery
At the center of it all, the one who has been hurt the most
My heart
How can I give up now when it is still so restless?
Messy writing from a messy head
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