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Sofia Byrne Aug 2013
And as I lay,
At the end of this day,
I relive every second,
Every moment.

For I never want to forget,
The innocence in her smile,
The beauty in her eyes,
Or the sweet sound of her voice.

She is all that I am
And ill that I want to be.

With these thoughts
Numbing me to sleep,
I close my eyes and
Rest in peace.
Sofia Byrne Jun 2013
A flicker of sapphire gems,
A flash of pearls,
The gleaming ivory beckons me near.

The smooth touch sings sweet melodies,
softly whispering sweet nothings
as I am overtaken with adornment.

The crisp blue shines bright onto ***** skin,
teasing and prodding emotions,
pulling them from deep murky waters.

The pearls have disappeared now,
enclosed behind a faux cave,
trapped in darkness.

A tear dampens her cheek,
mistaken words had been uttered
with no way of retrieval.

All I do, I do for
the glistening of sapphires,
the glint of pearls, and to feel the immaculate ivory.

If I besmirch these precious gems,
If I cause them to be tarnished,
why live at all?
Sofia Byrne May 2013
When your eyes touch mine,
it sends sparks through me.
Cerulean seas kiss the dirt of earth,
and my heart stutters, my resolve shudders.
Delicate, plush, pink,
Sweet contagious smile.
Canvases heat with delight,
hands travelling around the creamy canvas,
elicit with joy we embrace.
Fingers entangle within locks of hair,
twisting into soft elegant curls,
relishing in every second of this rebellious statement.
As I set my eyes unto your upturned lips,
my own reply.
The need is almost unbearable.
Knees aching, hearts sighing
head reeling you lean in.
Lips forming to one another,
curving, arching, playing,
every cell, every molecule,
desperate we cling.
My mind spoke a silent prayer,
for I prayed and I hoped.
May your lips intertwine with mine,
for forever and eternity.
May they dance in static delight,
never tiring of each others sweet taste.
However this reverie was too soon broken,
my eyes opened, taking in my lone prison.
AS I sat up I knew we could never be,
more than a young girls fantasy.
Sofia Byrne May 2013
And I know you’ve slipped away,
as you’re vanished from my sight;
But I will love you forever anyway.
You hold her close as you sway,
whispering sweet nothings in the night,
and I know you’ve slipped away.
My soul’s been left to decay,
my heart is squeezed too tight,
but I will love you forever anyway.
You get on one knee to say
you are hers alone tonight,
and I know you’ve slipped away.
As I lay here upon this shore today,
I have crafted my soundless plight,
But I will love you forever anyway.
So as she walks down the alleyway,
she is dressed in the purest of white.
And I know you’ve slipped away,
but I will love you forever anyway.
Sofia Byrne May 2013
To love is to smother oneself in dismay.
It’s poking a thousand needles red hot,
Then sewing in thread and pulling it taut.
At dawn daylight would soon betray
all the night’s secrets in an explosive array.
She would leave him bleeding, shot,
and yet he still could not have fought,
even in pain he could not turn away.
He knows Love is not a kind mistress;
she is flighty and sways to passion.
To love her is to sign a warrant for death.
She loses her interest easily
for a night spurred by attraction;
she will devour you till your last breath.
Sofia Byrne May 2013
Phantom shadows crawl,
Phantom voices call,
singing in the still of night,
ringing aloud their desperate plight,
of a night drenched in dread,
of the dark tainted in red.
A wicked beast roared flame,
oh the lives it would claim,
all hope had bowed to hate,
their faith crushed under its weight.
But from ash a hero was born,
and from their ashes he had sworn,
to slay all beasts who stood in his way,
and to silence all those who would betray.
Demons and monsters he had slain,
and demons and monsters were all that remained.
Isolated by courage the hero stood alone,
a deep exhaustion settled In his bones.
For days and night he walked,
all of his emotions locked
away till morning when he found the sea,
he knew now things could not be.
In the end all he felt was grief,
no longer could the hero keep
his mask of bravery adorned on his head,
with a cry he lay undone and dead.
With his final breath he said,
“Oh my friends, my friends forgive me,
For I can go on no more.
Oh my friends _
My friends I shall soon join you,
As I slip to eternal sleep upon this shore.”
Sofia Byrne May 2013
You, the warm breeze upon my cheek,
I , the cool touch of frost on your skin.
You, the only one I seek;
and I your only sin.
Brighter than the largest star,
Sweeter than the tea I drink,
even close your love seems so far,
only while you’re near can I clearly think
You set my heart on fire,
while in these memories I see,
love is the souls purest desire,
and pain its loyal devotee.
To love you is to **** myself slowly,
till the creatures of death consume me wholly.
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